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  1. Hi Bob, Apologies for late reply I was away ( Local ) for Christmas and just got back. I have RODNEY but DESIREE is new to me but if the Ark I am thinking of is CHELMSFORD if the is the one park up against a sea wall with a Sherman going over the top. I had a quick look and there are a few more named Churchills on there too. I was not aware of Tank Chats so that will be something to pour over the next few days I am sure there must be the odd name from Matildas, Crusader, Cromwell, Comet, Stuart. Sherman etc. Thanks for remembering my name database all new additions will be
  2. This is the Gecko Models 1/35th scale MWD 15cwt ( OpenCab - Aeroscreen ). Markings are Welsh Guards, SCC2 is a paint mix I wasn't too happy with as it seemed a little dark so I weathered it ( too much? ). Figures are from Tamiya, on the left and the figure from Gecko's MWC 15cwt Water Tanker on the right. As with the MWC the MWD was a nice build although I don't think I quite did it justice. Cheers Kevin
  3. This is still missing in plastic sadly with currently only a resin conversion being available.The Flail is from Resicast, Sherman is the Dragon Sherman V. I know it is missing side chain racks, lane marker guide poles oh and of course markings but after 15 + years I will try and get around to finishing it. The base is MiniArt farmyard gate.And yes I know the gates are the wrong way around and no it would not fit through the archway either.CheersKevin
  4. Yes that's where many a weeks pocket money went, Airfix and Woolies. Ah memories. Cheers Kevin
  5. Thanks for those. I can see that it is a B sqn but could not make out the div sign. Cheers Kevin
  6. Hi Simon, Yes I entirely agree that it seems strange that no one has taken up the challenge. This has been a much wanted vehicle kit for years. I am happy to add drawings, photos, census numbers and vehicle names to any model company who is going to release this in 1/35th scale. As you say the Humber and Morris LRC's are also missing and much needed. Sadly though it seems that many of the model companies are happy to just churn out Tigers and Panthers month after month. It wouldn't surprise me if there are more Tiger kits than actual Tigers made. Cheers Kevin
  7. Hi, The only ones that i have heard of from various sites are:- Airfix in 1/32nd - personally I have never seen this kit Sovereign 2000 in 1/35th - not currently showing on their site but many be available on some sites Friendship Models in 1/48th - currently showing as in stock on their site Bandai Models in 1/48th - this is another old kit so not sure of availability Cheers Kevin
  8. Sadly not in plastic ....yet.This is the old Sovereign 2000 Daimler Armoured Car Mk I. A solid resin hull, open turret but no interior detail, axles, part suspension, barrel, wheel arches / mud guards, exhaust and various bits are white metal making this small kit very heavy.CheersKevin
  9. Gun is the Bronco 17 pdr with a mixture of crew figures from Bronco 17 and 25 pdr gun crew, and Riich Models British 3" Mortar Team NWE.CheersKevin
  10. Or at least what my late father used to call them in Malaya in the late 40's / early 50's. The gun is the old Tamiya kit with some tweaks / updates, the limber is from Bronco, with the figures being a mix of Bronco 25 pdr crew set and RIICH Model 3" Mortar Team in NWE set. The base is from MiniArt and yes the door diagonals are the wrong way around. Cheers Kevin
  11. It's no problem Adrian as I say I just use it as a base to take photos. I have had similar comments from other stuff I have posted. If I had the room every kit would have it's own dio base. Cheers Kevin
  12. Hi Adrian, I take your point and you are quite correct but that is the only dio base I have so I just use it to take photos. I have used it for 25 and 17 pdrs too so I guess you will have the same post. Cheers Kevin
  13. Gun is the Accurate – Armour 1/35th scale BL 5.5” Medium Field Gun. I built this resin kit many years ago. It can be built in firing or transport mode and with a little work can be modelled in both positions, the gun also comes with loose ammunition, boxes and loading tray. The figures are a mixture of Bronco, from 25 pdr crew and RIICH 3” Mortar Team in NWE and their 6 pdr crew all with a few tweaks. The gun has seen better days and this needs replacing with a new styrene kit and figures both in firing and transport poses. Cheers Kevin
  14. Hi Bob, Thank you for that and the source. Cheers Kevin
  15. Ahhh. Right. I'll go with BREATHLESS then 🙂 Cheers Kevin
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