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  1. These images are from:- W.O. Code No. 18374 Truck, 3 Ton, GS, Cargo, 4 x4 , Bedford - R Truck, 3 Ton, GS, Cargo, with Winch, 4 x4 , Bedford - RLW Chassis, 3 Ton, GS, Recovery, Light, Bedford - RLC Hope they are of interest and use to anyone. Cheers Kevin
  2. I can across the attached as always while looking for something else. It is the user handbook for the Bedford R 3 tonner. If it is of any use to anyone restoring one please let me know. Hope this is the right place for this apologies if not please fell free to move it to where it should be. Cheers Kevin
  3. Yes these are the only photos I have come across of the M6 in British service, there may be others around but haven't found them yet. The line of M6's is apparently in Liverpool after they were off loaded, hopefully somewhere there shipping documents listing all the numbers not sure if there are on line files of US lend-lease equipment. Photos of heavy stuff guns and lorries do seem to be few and far between.
  4. Here are the few that I have seen. Photos from various sources and 25th CADR Issue and Receipts from Canadian Heritage.
  5. It would be nice to see one of these with a British census number. I know to 10 used by 61st Super Heavy Regiment RA. H5849538, H5849539, H5849543, H5849549, H5849551, H5849561, H5849562, H5849565, H5849822 and H5849823. There are 3 others that I have come across which must be from a Super Heavy Regiment but do not know which one. H6164822, H6164823 and H6164827. Hope it is of some interest to someone. Cheers
  6. Hi B Series, Yes I have DUNBAR and STORNOWAY as belonging to 22 Dragoons and BARBARIAN with 77 Assault Squadron. But the others are new to me. Cheers Kevin
  7. Thanks LarryH57, The WWII file has been an ongoing project for more years than I can remember and will probably never be finished but each year, from various sources and contributions, more than 100 new entries are added. The aim would be to tie each name to a regiment and census number. The Pre and Post WWII files are complied by Dick Taylor with additional contributions. If you can add anything to any of the files please post and they will be added to Version 9 and you will be credited as the source. Cheers Kevin
  8. If anyone can add anything or see any errors please post. Cheers Kevin Pre WWII Tank and Vehicle Names Version 8 as at 25.7.2023.pdf
  9. Thanks Richard will add to Version 9.
  10. Attached is V8 Tank and Vehicle names. There are over 100 new entries since V7. Hope it proves of interest to some. Cheers Kevin WWII Vehicle Names V8 as at 23rd July 23.pdf
  11. Updated PDF listing of Post WWII Tank and Vehicle names. Some 40 + additional new names since V7 as at 1/7/2022. If anyone can add any additional names or details or see any errors please let me know. Cheers Kevin Post WWII V8 as at 22nd July 23.pdf
  12. Thunder Models are working on a 1/35th scale model and are having trouble with where specific rods/drive shafts are connected, see drawing with shafts marked with red arrows. If anyone has any drawings/photos that can help it would be much appreciated.drawings.pdfdrawings.pdfdrawings.pdfdrawings.pdfdrawings.pdfdrawings.pdfdrawings.pdf
  13. Hi Jerry, I dug this one out of a box of all the kits from the dark side. I don't really have any books or reference diagrams of German stuff so it was OOB..I haven't bought a German piece for well over a decade everything I make now is WWII Allied and nearly all post D-Day. Cheers Kevin
  14. Hi Rupert, Despite the various issues with the kit, with a little TLC it is a nice model to build. Some of the issues I pointed out apparently were not wrong on Airfix's part, namely not having mattresses on the lower "bunk" they were only on the top "bunk". The two I made from styrene sheet were not glued down so can fortunately be removed. As to models I make I do try to find good WWII photos to base to subject on. Cheers Kevin
  15. Hi Bob, Thank you for that. My immediate thought when I saw the name was the Crusader AA, especially as I have HAVOC and HOTSPUR, but the turret plates look to be welded not riveted / bolted on. It looks to be the front righthand section of the turret, opposite side to attached photo. If you don't mind me asking where did this come from, are there anymore markings on the hull? Cheers Kevin
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