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  1. Thanks for the info and great pics, anymore anyone please. They tell so much. There's something fascinating about scrapyards.. Especially Naval ones, ships and submarines exposed like monsters of the sea washed up on a beech. Don't know if scrap yards exist in that way anymore in this country. Even the car ones seem sanitized and over the counter places.... Is there a scrapyard section on HMVF....
  2. That's the date we would definitely be there. Midd 70s. And can remember what I would call a Navy day. We with alot of other people, actually went on a Naval ship, sorry don't know the name, but I'm sure we had a ride in a duck that went out the back of the ship? And I've parked in the park and ride lol, had no idea!
  3. Cheers Adrian, great pics and thanks for the link. Wish it was still there, what a tourist attraction it would make. And what a name to have, Pound! Bet he made a few.... The sub at Gosport is worth seeing...
  4. Sorry for spelling, lol Naval.
  5. Hi all, I don't know if it's been covered here, and please point me in the right direction if it has. But in the early 1970s we used to holiday in southsea, and my favorite part of the journey there was when we passed over the navel scrap yard. This was magical in my mind and has always stuck in my mind. I can remember seeing ships and submarines there, very rusty. But I can't find any reference to this place or photos. Any ideas... Cheers.
  6. Cheers Enigma, will give it a go.👍
  7. Hi David, cheers for answering. When you say click on message, is that the blue square with a white envelope on it....
  8. Hi all, Happy New year!🤞 can someone enlighten me as to pm, private message, as in how to, lol. I'm sure it's simple once you know. : ) I use my phone to view forum if it makes a difference, thank you for any help.
  9. This museum is great fun, it's relatively small but has a big heart. Lots of hands on exhibits. Well worth a visit. Had great fun climbing on a Sherman, and sitting in a Jeep, and putting on some kit. Don't know about now, covid-19 times, but loved our visit last year. Staff were really friendly.
  10. Hi Dle1877, Great pics of you your brother and truck, Thanks for posting them, there great! Took me a minute to spot your two heads poking out from beneath the front bumper....
  11. Hi, Could someone tell me what the different heart shapes mean in the bottom right corner of posts and why some have them and some don't? I guessing you add them some how, and I'm probably ment to have read how to somewhere, lol, but I haven't, doh... : )
  12. You should be careful jumping out of anything if your over 30 lol. Day of the Triffids! That'll make you go blind...
  13. Yep👍 and for john1950 same film....
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