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  1. Hi Dle1877, Great pics of you your brother and truck, Thanks for posting them, there great! Took me a minute to spot your two heads poking out from beneath the front bumper....
  2. Hi, Could someone tell me what the different heart shapes mean in the bottom right corner of posts and why some have them and some don't? I guessing you add them some how, and I'm probably ment to have read how to somewhere, lol, but I haven't, doh... : )
  3. You should be careful jumping out of anything if your over 30 lol. Day of the Triffids! That'll make you go blind...
  4. Yep👍 and for john1950 same film....
  5. To get back on track, but staying in the same area of childhood a couple of models of machinery that as a kid were exciting, despite being on the wrong side. And my iconic Vehicle the GMC truck.
  6. I know I'm not as knowledgeable as you guys and I've read above posts about the pigs, can someone put me right if I ask, no matter what MK it would be, was it around in WW2... Cheers.
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