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  1. I know we are going to be gutted but better for us to know now rather than be strung along on the off chance it may be able to go ahead???? I imagine that John must be banging his head against a wall especially as all this is out of his control, who would want to try and organise a show nowadays.
  2. I am confused with these adverts, as we are no longer part of the EU anymore, does this mean they could come into England or not??
  3. Gordon and Tony B, Many Thanks for your more than helpful advice, both will be looked into asap, I have fitted a glass inline fuel filter on the "up" pipe to the carb as I could not dismantle the fuel filter on firewall, but this will be coming off and checked. Ignition switch never crossed my mind but will be checking that out as well. Thanks again Gentlemen, very much appreciated.
  4. Hi Everyone, Had a slight issue today with my WC62. Quite happily trundling along to a local show, doing around 35 mph when as I went to accelerate up a slight hill she cut out, no acceleration, no ignition light on (has been converted to 12v), just died. Would not refire for about 90 secs, then off she went. Half a mile up the road, same thing. When she fired back up, had no acceleration above 30 mph, felt like you`d hit a wall. I know people mention "vapour lock", I kind of understand but is there anything to avoid to stop this if it is this. Had the Zenith carb rebuilt 2 years ago along with the fuel pump so kind of struggling and slightly worried. Thanks in advance for any ideas / fixes. Bruce.
  5. Well done everyone, it`s great to have you all back. Is it me or does everything look bigger? Not complaining as don`t need to wear my bins , it`s great!!!!
  6. Don`t know if they are the same as the Jeep trailer but Cliff at Universal Jeep did have a couple not so long ago, a mate bought one and they were quite reasonable, might help.
  7. David Widenberg had some, about the same price, in good condition as well. www.wildenbergparts.nl. Hope this helps Chris.
  8. Hi Chris, Had my 62 for 8 years and had no major problems, as Tony said brakes are a little problematic but the parts are available so it not really a big deal, just a pain. Still get in her and enjoy every moment, something about a Dodge, you just gotta love them. Mr John Bizal at Midwest Militaria is the man to go to for bits, pay import duties unfortunately but his parts are spot on, and a top guy as well.
  9. Signed, well done for bringing it to everyone`s attention.
  10. We day tripped it yesterday, visited a few of our good mates from our "show area", looked at some truly fantastic vehicles and displays and everyone came away happy, which is what it`s all about isn't it:??? I know people will moan, but guys remember, it`s a new venue, ideas look good on paper but you never really know what will work until everyone comes thundering in. At least the organisers know what will need to be "tweeked" and maybe bounce a few ideas off of you guys (and Girls (apologies )). The good thing is it happened, congrats to everyone for putting on a great show, be proud.
  11. Just got back from day spent up there. The ground in a few areas required "paying attention to" but appart from that, where ever we went, it was o.k. Still a superb show, great talking to vehicle owners, always picking up advice on vehicle maintenance, traders friendly (and prepared to do deals!!!). Her who must be obeyed(sometimes) says i can go back tomorrow.Don`t need to told twice.:tup::
  12. Very very sad, thoughts & prayers with family & friends
  13. My first military vehicle, wc62. Driven jeeps, gmc 353 but the dodge in my opinion is different. Can`t put finger on it but always get out the other end and smile, absolutely love her, don`t think you will regret it
  14. Hi all, My names Bruce and thought it was about time to say hi. Am currently proud owner of a Dodge wc 62 (was going to be a 63, hence name but deal fell through), never mind, did me a favour & found the 62. Lot of hard work to get her looking nice & thanks to a couple of best mates shes on the road & a joy to drive. Hope to pound a few brains when required, looking forward to future chats.
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