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  1. ruston

    New format

    Following my original post, I see that there have been 63 replies out of 2000 plus views. It's nice to know I am not alone. However, I still feel that I am one of the old brigade and I must either adapt or die. I have, therefore, spent some time educating myself slowly, by trial and error, around the forum, assisted by information posted by other members. I'll get there eventually. I can appreciate the reasons why there had to be changes and the work that went into implementing the new system and applaud the dedication of those responsible. In the meantime, I'll just keep so
  2. ruston

    New Format

    I am a 79 yr old MV enthusiast and not that computer literate. However, with the old site I could browse the new posts down the side of the page and click on the ones that were of interest to me and ignore the others. Now ,when I look to browse the new posts on the updated format I can only see about six posts and have to scroll down to see if there any that are of interest to me. Is it me not doing something right ? At the moment I feel like kicking it in touch.
  3. I have an Auto Union Munga which was first registered here in 1979. The V5C confirms this and also states " declared manufactured in 1965 " The plate on the bulkhead is also stamped 1965 and also gives the engine number. At sometime the engine has been replaced and I have the number of the engine now in the vehicle.The number shown on the V5C bears no resemblance to this or any number in the manufacturers sequence for this type of vehicle. The vehicle colour is shown as brown but should be green. I also have a letter from the then MVT examiner confirming the above and stating it should be i
  4. When I purchased my Munga the V5c gave the DOM as 1965 and the DO 1st reg as 1979. I then travelled to one of the local DVLA offices with all the necessary documents and requested an age related number. The officer that dealt with my request was very sympathetic and confirmed that my documentation was correct and in order. He stated that he could not grant my request at that time. He said that if I presented my documents at a later date along with a valid MOT and a vehicle insurance certificate he would be able to give it an age related number and re-register it in the Historic Vehicle clas
  5. Thanks Guys. You never cease to amaze me .
  6. I picked this lamp up at a car boot sale years ago. No-one I have shown it to knows what it's off. On the glass front of the sealed beam unit is printed: Spot & Signal Mazda 4530 5.3A 26V Unfortunately the bulb appers to have blown. Any ideas?
  7. I own an MP40 film prop which from a distance looks quite realistic. It is obviously not a weapon and gives pleasure to younger members of the public who are allowed to handle it. I decided to write to my MP ( Helen Jones, Labour, Warrington North ) re. the proposed ban. She replied " I note your comments but do not agree with you. These weapons are dangerous and I cannot see why anyone would need one ". I believe her response is the official Labour party view. I think she totally ignored my suggestion that the ban would not deter terrorists but would have an impact on owners of de-activa
  8. Hi, I am considering painting my munga to look like it was when it was in service with the Dutch army. It was built in 1965 and was registered in England in 1979. Does any one have any details of insignia etc., which would be appropriate ? Also, where can I find info' re. Dutch army uniform during this period ? Any photo's would be appreciated. Thanks.
  9. OK, so I'm not psychic. How was I to know Bruce was going all mod - con.
  10. In August I was in Gosport in Hampshire. I was sat on the front near the Ferry Terminus looking over towards Portsmouth. To my left, beyond the fencing, appears to be a landing craft moored beside a pier. Any one know anything about it ? Is it a landing craft ? If it isn't, what is it ?
  11. Just a thought- first a toilet roll, second a bucket. Any bets next will be a spade ? Seriously, I would also prefer to see more hands on restoration and less flashing the cash.
  12. I recently engaged the low ratio setting on my F91/4. When I tried to push the handle back in to re-engage the high setting it would not return all the way back but stopped short about 1" from the fascia. What is stopping it going in all the way? Is there a quick fix ? I don't want to have to start sorting out the gearbox if I can help it. Cheers.
  13. I have an ex Dutch Army munga 4. Is there a way of finding out the in service details ?
  14. Hi. Took a couple of photos which show what I think is a breather on the carb'. Hope it helps.
  15. Hi, Have tried unsuccessfully to p/m you. Please upload photo's here. Thanks, Keith.
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