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  1. After buying this Rebecca aerial at last Sunday's Dallas Digout, I'm after the upper half of the aerodynamic fairing to complete it. Can anybody help? Regards, Neil.
  2. I guess I better go and walk the dog around my old base.
  3. No, I was travelling home from Texas on Sunday. Did he sell it?
  4. Just bumping this up as I have a few items to show. A section of Horsa glider hemp tow rope with the comms cables still inside which was found at one of the LZ at Arnhem area and a Horsa Glider tow rope shackle which was found at Ramsbury Airfield. Still looking for any Horsa items. Neil.
  5. I'm trying to find this type of torch used by the Brits during WWII. I don't know much about them to be honest but would like one in the collection. Any help appreciated, Neil.
  6. Excellent use of the Horsa undercarriage as a memorial. I was out in Holland for the market Garden anniversary but didn't visit Groesbeek. I'll have to visit there next year.
  7. I'm trying to collect anything to do with the Horsa glider ranging from photographs, paperwork to actual pieces of the Horsa.Anything considered.Regards,Neil.
  8. I believe f marked components remained on GPW's till the end of production. The scripted jeeps ended around mid '42.
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