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  1. Who does the best Jeep insurance please...I know cheapest not always the best but yes, want cheapest really. Thanks in advance.
  2. Denix grease gun copy wanted please. ...(not SOF....they are just up the road from me and if I can't get one anywhere else,I will go there)
  3. Denix repro M3 Grease gun wanted please ....yes I know that S.O.F have them...they are up the road from me
  4. Postponed the ad for now as can't find how to delete it.
  5. Has anyone got a cheap de act lying around that is surplus to requirements please ?.....must be able to do transfer legally. Thanks in advance.
  6. Ok cheers pal...have a good weekend.
  7. Ahh yes..sounds a nice one...keep in touch pal...take care for now and stay safe.
  8. Yeah good point...oh well see what you can find...cheers matey.
  9. Cheers for that mate...yes please let me know . As you know the law changed for selling de acts....I have a few but would need to be deactivated to current spec to sell.
  10. Yes Bar Grips.... they are fine for an MB.
  11. Yes they are bar grips...fine for an MB
  12. Ahhh ok ha ha...no problem.
  13. Please can anyone tell me if there are any New tyres available matching the original ones fitted to the Hotchkiss. ....Kleber or Good Year pattern....(not bar treads) I'm asking for a friend Many thanks in advance.
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