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  1. If I recall the engine is a detuned etype unit correct me if I’m wrong, I always thought how it would have changed the saber/ Spartans tourque, word of working I think they detuned it so squadies didn’t race each other and improve the lifetime of the rubber torque donuts ( cannot recall the couplings name) etc
  2. I have a small affinity for Spartans been in and out driving and was just done with some of my commanders course before being medically discharged. One day I’ll have my own ( be easier to drag my ass in haha) rig some hand control for gear up down and I’ll be sorted the lands that I served with live local and they love the old girls as much as I do. When this is all settled (corvid19) I would love to try see a show or what not, anyway lads and lasses chat soon. Trust your all well and safe.
  3. Thanks v much, I am trying to learn as much as I can to stay safe and keep her running! So all of the checks and stuff that I need to do come as welcome advice!! So I need to check the wheel hubs regularly for oil leaks. Will get my manual this weekend and make sure I add it to my checklist, thanks v much. Any other advice most welcome. I can't take any credit for the rebuild, MVS did it and I only bought it from them 🙂 I bought some headsets and have a helmet to stop me banging my head on the mantlet! Hay Alex yer keep the wheel hubs topped up BUT
  4. Hi Alex wow, Looks as good as a base refit, that white lower hull looks so nice sad it lasts as long as the first muddy boots scraping its sole over the back of the gear pedal🤦🏻‍♂️, did you have to sauce new handbrake belts or are they original, did it come with the nbc system under the rear lower bin *cough*armour door. Such a nice build Alex I’m excited for you to get her on the road, word of warning you need to do halt parades on these girls if you drop oil from a road wheel hub it’s a rebuild at worst best a top up, but I cannot stress final drive levels it has to be like a religion y
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