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Flea restoration

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Here some pictures of mine, 99% original parts, exept the inner tubes! (no repro parts were used) compared to originals, Metal Magic is OKish, but still lot's of minor differences with originals.



PS, dropcage is 100% repro.


DSCN1130 - kopie.JPG









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Here the pictures of my dug up Miller blackout masks, was very happy to acquire these!! (sorry pic's are not in the right order)



A Halfrestored001a.JPG

A Halfrestored003a.JPG

A Halfrestored006a.JPG

A Halfrestored008a.JPG

A Halfrestored012a.JPG

A Miller Blackoutmask001.JPG

A Miller Blackoutmask006 - kopie.JPG

A Restored002a - kopie.JPG

B Restored005b.JPG

B Unrestored002b.JPG

C Halfrestored003ab.JPG

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Terry at Metal Magic tries his best at parts........if they aren't entirely correct he then remakes to ensure accuracy..................I loaned him both my original Flea blanking plate, footrests and related items, plus Air Maze filter.............the latter Terry has made copying my original faithfully.........they actually have an improved modern mesh inside the outer original-spec mesh to improve filtration..........in fairness, he is one of the very few, if any, suppliers of Flea and James ML repro items and the one thing I do know is if a part is wrong Terry will strive to correct...........luckily, he has me nowadays to supply original items as patterns therefore accuracy assured....................

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Yes, they certainly do their best, and it's not economicaly viable to make parts exactly as the originals, especially when the demand is relatively small.

Lucky for me, I can always spot replica's as I've got the originals to compare to. See first Kickstarter picture, is a repro, and second are my 2 originals.

Am having the Vokes elbows made at the moment, and I know it's a nightmare to get things right! (will make a seperate post here about them)





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