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  1. So sorry to read about Degsy. He'll be missed
  2. Can highly recommend bondaprimer
  3. If you google 5/16x 20tpi the answer is a Uns thread . unified special
  4. I suspect that it's too late now but I can get the proper bearings £106.00 for the two including posting chris
  5. Sorry haven't got a price yet
  6. They should be available in U.K. I can check prices & delivery tomorrow if you would like chris
  7. Back after 7 days. Thoroughly enjoyed it met up with old friends & made new ones
  8. Have a look the green barn photos on Facebook. Where we replaced the roof & part of the side panels
  9. Chrisg

    New Format

    I also wasn't too happy on day one but I find it's getting easier to navigate around the forum day by day
  10. Chrisg

    New post button

    Thanks to all involved for all the hard work
  11. Lots of holes drilled. Nearly all in the right place
  12. The last price I've got from Roy Elvis in 2005 was 165.00
  13. We normally camp with the champ camp with two caravans which we cover up with a parachute is this acceptable this year or will we be banished to civilian camping?
  14. They are skf numbers and the first number for the reference is the letter I not a number As far as I can remember there was no Timken equivalent chris
  15. My champ ignition barrel has the number 16 the key is fv16. One rear locker has fv18 the other has the number 4 the ignition key is original the two locker keys I had cut to fit the locks. The make on the keys is Silca & the key model is uni 2
  16. Don't trap your fingers when refitting the half shaft. It hurts
  17. :tup:: Thanks Degsy fascinating read
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