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  1. Thanks all, will pass your messages on to his Son. *Update* Deryck;s passing was due to Natural causes. If anyone would like to come to pay their respects, his funeral will be held at Colwyn Bay crematorium on Thursday 19th December at 12:30pm followed by reception at Colwyn Bay's Cricket Club. Regards, Mal
  2. Sorry to have to inform everyone on HMVF, "Degsy" sadly passed away in his sleep on 2nd December, it is thought he had picked up a bug of some sort but we are not 100% sure and will know more next week. I have been asked by "Degsy's" son Richard to inform those who know him of his passing. Details of the funeral will be posted shortly. Regards, Mal
  3. A55 east bound 9.15 am, jeep windscreen down all dun up in British para gear and the driver and passenger, very smart. I know most of the jeep's in this part of North Wales but not seen this one before.
  4. Thanks Sam, that has answered my question as there is something on the end of the rod (like i thought) i must of knocked it off the first time i tried to put the pump back on (numpty). That means the sump has to come off ( bugger). Thank you for your help Sam. Good luck with your 980 restoration, that is one big project you have taken on i look forward to watching your progress. Regards Mal
  5. Hi Sam, sorry for the late reply just come back from Scotland (no internet). We have tried 6 times and are 99.9% sure it is in line with the rod. Can you remember if there is anything on the end of the rod like a shoe, my manual doesn't show anything. Regards Mal
  6. Hi there. Does any body know how the lift pump operates on a RXC engine, i know there's a rod that comes across the block from the camshaft and pushes the operating lever on the fuel pump but is there anything on the end of the rod on the pump side. Mine doesn't seem to be long enough to push the rocker arm. Any help would be most appreciated. Thank's Mal
  7. Hi Mark, Just had a look at the Matador add, its not the DT wrecker tow bar that i am looking for. Thanks any way. Regards Mal
  8. Hi Mark, is the tow bar the same one that is on the side of a Diamond T wrecker. Any chance of a photo please Mark. Regards Mal
  9. Happy New year to you and your tribe. Big fan of your restorations threads, your a real inspiration to many of us guys and i am sure most of us can relate to the ups and downs triumphs and tribulations you have gone through and the one's you haven't, yet :red:. Keep up the good work and don't forget, your not alone all us guys are right there with you cheering you on from this side of our screens. Look forward to the rest of the 110's rejuvenation story and of course yours, and don't forget if it aint broke just fiddle with it for a bit and see what drops off. I have just ordered your
  10. Hi Adrian I will bring my 969 if that's ok, I will start saving now for gas. I am based in North Wales so it will pro bely be the furthest trip i will make in the 969. look forward to meting other DT owners. Regards Mal
  11. Hi Sam The water pump is straight forward to take off, just be gentle undoing the bolts that attach the pump to the block, they can shear off if your not careful. Before you take the pump off have you tried adjusting the big nut on the main shaft. If you tighten the nut up it will squash the rubber gland and the packing up on the shaft. All so did you use proper water pump grease. If this doesn't work you can get a pump repair kit from the contact i gave in Denmark. Hop this helps.
  12. Welcome to the madness :nut:. Its always fantastic to see another DT being brought back to life. Looking forward to seeing the restoration.
  13. Hi Sam Its not a proper manual, there a series of paper back books on military vehicles. They take references from the manuals. I just looked at Amazon and there's one there, but no photo of the book. Also if you google TM Tankograd No 6011 there' plenty there.
  14. Hi Sam I was looking through one of my DT books ( TM Tankograd Technical Manual Series Diamond T 4 Ton ). I think the photo of the 969 on the first page bottom left is yours, i might be wrong but the reg looks like yours. Just thought you might be interested.
  15. Hi Sam Steve Greenberg still has his exhaust manifold for sale. Its posted on G503.
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