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  1. Hello Charlie. I have been reading again sbout the Matador rebuild. Have you any later photos? Thanks. John Harrington
  2. Hello Charley How is the restoration progressing? One and probably both chassis numbers you list went to Australia post war from Murphy of Leicester UK who exported about 200 ex army vehicles.
  3. I have no record for 5547. Could it be 5542? Sent to Australia as chassis/cab via Murphy Bros of Leicester. I have 154 chassis recorded as going to "AEC Australia via MB" Murphy was the same family as the road contractors.
  4. The census numbers or registrations are intriguing. Most RAF vehicles pre-war appear to have carried normal registrations in the Middlesex series. Probably the increase in numbers required the new RAFxxxx series. Tis numbering does not appear to have been in order of age. There are many batches of vehicles, probably numbered on delivery. However there also seems to have been some "backfilling". I have discussed the idea that numbers were issued to those already with Middlesex plates. Some vehicles post war still carried these registrations and the sale lot numbers refer to them. The Crossley F
  5. Can't help with these but any Macks or Matador information would be welcome. I wonder if this info is in other documents. What was the letter code for these? John Harrington
  6. FDW533/185 was registered in June 1949. It is looking the worse for wear when seen here in Swansea with the Welsh-designed Apollo prototype! Following is Ward La France FDW216/206. Do you think that is just steam in the background?
  7. A posed shot of FDW61/66 in the general area of where the future BRS Newport depot would be. FDW61 become 1G30 with BRS and lasted until 1951. The Wynns GS Fodens are the only ones I can find in the Western BRS fleets.
  8. Third registered was EDW868/165 registered in August 1948. The professional photo was taken by a company in Andover - date unknown. KDW560 is following. Taking a break now to travel. Looking through my Wynns fleet list at the ones that got away:- Guy Ant/Quad Ant tippers - there was a photo on the office wall in the old company building 20 - a USN Dodge ambulance used as a service van. Painted blue 271 - An AEC O854 Royal Navy tanker, also blue, used at the NCB works. Two Crossley tackle wagons and finally A Ford half track bought in 1947 from Tydesley Garages and probably used on
  9. The second registered Diamond T, EDW96/161 also registered May 1947.
  10. Looking back I thought I might be able to find most of the Diamond Ts This is EDW95/160 first registered in May 1947.
  11. Les I have the Fodens as DG10s from the chassis records. I will check again. The first Diamond T came from Scimmons [unclear] and Sons 4/3/47. A month later four more arrived from Diamond T Motors. The first two xwd vehicles were Scammells 135/6 on 1st July 1946. John
  12. I have been looking for a good picture of one of the Karrier tackle wagons but so far this is the best I've found. They are in the background of some early photos. Always hidden behind a WLF! The Nubians replaced them and then the Matadors. There were three registered from 1948 to 1953. [EDW710, HDW249 and JDW621]It's likely they were bought together because EDW911 was to have been another but was cancelled at that time. Is this the "GS" model?
  13. This was probably the last military vehicle owned by Wynns. It was the Wrekin Roadways tackle wagon and passed to the new Stafford-based company. It probably didn't last long as Wynns themselves had bought new Bedfords for the work.
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