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  1. Hello Charlie. I have been reading again sbout the Matador rebuild. Have you any later photos? Thanks. John Harrington
  2. Hello Charley How is the restoration progressing? One and probably both chassis numbers you list went to Australia post war from Murphy of Leicester UK who exported about 200 ex army vehicles.
  3. The MoT chose the Mack as the vehicle for a fleet of snow plough lorries. There were only 6 in use before then. THe MoT built up a fleet of 200 while a similar number were bought directly by county councils for a grant-aided £700. Most operated in Scotland where Aberdeen had the largest fleet while Isle of Ely only bought one. MoT vehicles had London registrations [HYR etc.] while the councils had local ones.
  4. Following my research into Wynns vehicles, I have found a reference to wing numbers on the first two Pacifics. They wre sold at Longcross so could be FVRDE. They were 3401 on 30XF37 and 4100 on 30XF44. 700 gap between two similar vehicles does not make much sense. Observations welcome. Thanks.
  5. I have no record for 5547. Could it be 5542? Sent to Australia as chassis/cab via Murphy Bros of Leicester. I have 154 chassis recorded as going to "AEC Australia via MB" Murphy was the same family as the road contractors.
  6. The census numbers or registrations are intriguing. Most RAF vehicles pre-war appear to have carried normal registrations in the Middlesex series. Probably the increase in numbers required the new RAFxxxx series. Tis numbering does not appear to have been in order of age. There are many batches of vehicles, probably numbered on delivery. However there also seems to have been some "backfilling". I have discussed the idea that numbers were issued to those already with Middlesex plates. Some vehicles post war still carried these registrations and the sale lot numbers refer to them. The Crossley FT at the museum had one. Could the presence of something already on the plate have meant that the new census number was put on the door?
  7. HYO was a London registration series. Most of the records I have for HYO are Forestry Commission. Trevor - the early Wynns FWDs appear to be CU-COEs. I have no record of any surviving into later timber work. The ones most commonly noted were the FDW ones. These were fitted with MAT bodies. Will look to see if earlier ones are LHD. I was old by Maurice Saunders that many CUs had Southampton area regs because they were imported there???
  8. Can't help with these but any Macks or Matador information would be welcome. I wonder if this info is in other documents. What was the letter code for these? John Harrington
  9. Welch had a WLF pre nationalisation. It ran from BRS Foxton until sale to Wynn's. It was used to rebuild one of Wynn's later WLFs. Registered GER880.
  10. Can you read the registration on the original? It is likely to be one of the later purchases - bought from the MoT when they were replaced by Atkinsons [the chassis makers not the gritters]
  11. The photo shows one of the eight [HUP211-18] operated by Durham County Council. Which one have you got?
  12. "Annie's" registration was GGG812. I have a photo in Tarmac livery. On my visits to Edinburgh I have tried several Tarmac sites but no-one j=knows where it went. It probably started life as a snowplough but GGG records don't exist and I have found no record of Glasgow buying Macks. Still odd things turn up so I will keep going.
  13. FDW533/185 was registered in June 1949. It is looking the worse for wear when seen here in Swansea with the Welsh-designed Apollo prototype! Following is Ward La France FDW216/206. Do you think that is just steam in the background?
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