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  1. The stock hubs fit an old imperial size tyre 12.00 R20 which is rare and difficult to get hold of and likely to become more so. The new tyre law from 1/2/21 mean you have to have a tyre less than 10 years old on the front axle and the military tyres the vehicle comes with are all pre 2000. I want to change the hubs to fit a common metric size tyre of 315x80 which is slightly larger but nothing that will cause a problem. To do this I need new rims and have been qouted including VAT around £90 to £150. The issue is they are a 10 stud fixing and the Daf is eight stud. Aparently a stock rim to fit
  2. Thank you for all your replies, it has certainly given me something to think about. I liked the look and ease of cordless but having seen the cost of air tools they are so much less even figuring in the compressor. Buying a right angle impact wrench or right angle wrench and an impact wrench with batteries, charger etc comes to a lot especially if going for something like Milwauke who seem to have a large slice of the market. Their M18 range looks really good but then it costs, a lot. I was surprised at the low price of air tools, some the cost of a rechargeable battery for a cordless impact w
  3. I am considering buying an impact wrench to make my life a bit easier. I have noticed a lot of the things I want to remove and replace involve getting into tight places so am considering buying a Right Angle Impact Wrench as being narrower it would hopefully fit into more spaces. Assuming this is correct my next decision would be whether to spend more to get a more powerful one or spend less and get a normal impact wrench as well. Knowing nothing about these tools my thoughts are: are they worth the money in terms of making life easier when doing a restoration? are right angle impa
  4. Sounds a bit to kill or cure for me but I will keep it in mind as a last resort😊
  5. Thanks for all the advice. I just need to get on with it now😊
  6. Having never had to do any restoration to a vehicle before yet alone something as large as a truck I have attempted to plan it out hence the steps below. Does this sound the right approach, have I over thought it or missed something? I have a Leyland Daf 4x4 hence the NATO Green as I assume this is the correct colour. I also chose drab as I have never seen a gloss finish on a vehicle like this. All thoughts and suggestions gratefully received as I would rather get it right first time and end up with a job that will last a good number of years. Step Bodywor
  7. I need to do some restoration to parts of my Leyland Daf 4x4. There are spots of non to serious rust in various places on the body but the front wings are both in a sorry staff with rust having gone through in two places on both. After stripping back to metal and repairing I was wondering what type of primer to use on all these areas. Some would be visible but as it is stored outside would get very wet and others would be hidden from view and liable to get very wet and dirty. The old red oxide of my youth seems to have been replaced by Zinc Chromate as a primer. Is this right? In addition the
  8. I have always liked the look of military vehicles. They are in general always well engineered and as modern vehicles have become encumbered with engine management systems, electric this and that with panels that dent if you sneeze on them the over engineered and simplicity of military vehicles has a big appeal. Previously I had a Dodge Ram military truck, ex US forces, that as well as being wonderfully over engineered, abuse was expected I think in its use, you could sit on the wing with your legs dangling in the engine bay while you worked on the engine. The V8 never had to work too hard and
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