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  1. But where will the one part ammunition be manufactured? NATO standard so there will be existing suppliers, but given the UK has never used it I would be surprised if there was a manufacturer in the UK. I had a vague notion that we struggle with supply of small arms bullets because we no longer make the dangerous bits in the UK. Anyone know if this is the case?
  2. astonishing quality and awe inspiring. Really hope I will be able to see this at event when the world turns to some form of normal.
  3. As always there are lots of different views on what owners should or should not do with their vehicles. It's a shame that as a community we can't agree that the preservation of vehicles is the key objective, what colour they are and how they are displayed is secondary. While I might prefer originality, if the choice is to ensure a vehicle survives or is lost/scrapped because an owner won't compromise on originality then, in my own opinion, survival wins. The other aspect I find upsets me is the language used. Having a healthy debate about areas that are subjective or where the information isn't readily available is good. Proffering information in a constructive and helpful way is great. Use of language such as 'disappointing' (we all know what a British persons means when they use that phrase), "vague resemblance' is scant praise and 'better research' is all very negative and while it may not be intended to offend it's not the sort of language that will build bridges. So thank you to all those who are spending their time, money and effort to preserve our history, whatever paint is used on the end result. Regards, Julian
  4. As the saying goes - You've got to Larf!!! I do feel for you but the way you told the tale was so funny 🤣
  5. Hi Lado, Genuine replacement armoured glass is both rare and expensive. Last I saw was about £500 each for the drivers and passengers windscreen and around £250 each for the side windows. It depends what your problems is. They do mist up, but this is because of the layers separating. This can be fixed by removing the glass, separating the layers, removing the thin middle sheet of plastic and reassembling. However this does mean that they are no longer bullet proof. Some people have simply replaced them with a spacer and automotive glass cut to the correct size. There have had laminated (but not bullet proof) glass fitted. The thick glass used in banks for screen at the cashiers. There is a forum for Snatch/WMIK owners on Facebook that's worth joining. Lots of more detailed advice on the above available there. I understand that some members did approach the original manufacturer to see if they could have a limited run/batch produced for group members but this didn't come to anything. Hope that helps. Feel free to pm if you want to ask anything specific. cheers
  6. Anyone know whether the automotive i.e. not stuff required to support military equipment (radios?) complies with the OBDII standard. I understood the ones being released were a lower grade militarised version using a lot of civilian components. I know generic OBDII readers can only go so far but would this work?
  7. There is a Taskers Trailer Scammel coupling 1930/40`s currently up on eBay. The front small and narrow two wheels appear slightly different to other pictures I found while having a 'google' (always like to learn about new and different mechanical items 😉 However given that it has a scammel coupling and the same or very similar layout would that do?
  8. Found this online here: https://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/forums/forum/wehrmacht-uniforms-and-equipment/achtung-panzer-forum/948167-fresh-find-five-panzer-werkzeugkasten-mit-inhalt-identify-please#post7183007 Now it's possible that the term applies to No. 3 tool box and that the toolbox is different for each model of vehicle but thought it might help.
  9. i'm used to the maintenance british military vehicles being for the bloody minded and those of a masochistic nature. but this activity seems to have been designed by a particularly skilled sadist determined to break the will of anyone foolish enough to want to own a ferret 🤣😂 congratulations on beating the 'designer' on this one and thank you for sharing the 'kowledge'
  10. is it not one of these - Jupiter Invader Pump? http://www.jupiterinvaderpump.com
  11. Hi Jon, haven't read this web page in detail bit it lists different accessories for the MG34 and one of them is the Zuberhorkasten, and has various pictures of lists of associated equipment. Hope it may help. https://www.bergflak.com/ezvkasten.html Cheers Julian
  12. I think this thread would make a great book once the project is complete. It's much more detailed than what has been published to date on the TWC Panther.
  13. It's great, and often overlooked, the important contribution to keeping historic information which would otherwise be lost. Kudos to you Wally, your friend and everyone who squirrels away stuff that would otherwise be lost to history.
  14. I think the blue thing is a dovetail jig for use with a woodworking router, similar to this found on the web
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