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  1. hahahaha...Pork and Apple...not my usual and probably more apt for an evening meal.
  2. I personally don't give a monkeys if someone I know has cooked some sausages for tea, or are about to leave for work....facebook and twitter are so clogged up with noise I could not be bothered. I think they have their place for those that have family or friends at the other side of the planet....I couldn't be ***ed. There you go...just off to do some shopping, will post the list of things I buy when I get back, for all those interested.
  3. Take her to W&P and have a paint party. There are probably many on here that would work for beer when it comes to MVs
  4. Its not some sort of automatic braking/steering system?
  5. Trophy, I am in the same boat...would love one, but there seem to be a few horror stories, and others gush about them. I guess like anything, its down to finding the right one. May be worth paying someone on here who has experience with them to look at one with you....its all very well saying "look for this and that", but I think it needs that experienced eye and ear to say "that doesn't feel/sound right". Mick
  6. Unfortunately the cruises I have been on were modern flat bottomed corporate things...moored right next to Maynards in Excelsior...plenty of beer though Nice to see your trucks being put to work....I hope I can work that hard when I get to their age
  7. Hi Jeff, welcome along. I work for Cargill, a name you may be very familiar with (love or hate it). Although I am in the UK, I have had several trips to our offices over there in Hopkins/Excelsior Crossing and Wayzata with a few boat cruises on Lake Minnetonka all of which is only around the corner from you...don't get to travel over very often now though due to cost cutting Mick
  8. Better get in there fast, prices are really climbing...here is my old Ferret for sale http://www.sussexsportscars.co.uk/classic_car/1428/daimler_ferret_scout_tank/ I sold on to RickW , who was also astounded at the price. Mick
  9. I think you will find most people here have not progressed from the "Kid" stage and long may that last!
  10. I would say less knee problems than driving a car with manual box. GSP generally has a light action (unless you mess the shift up), and far easier to use than a clutch.
  11. I love them, probably because I have never had one but want one. Surely they cannot be as complicated, temperamental or expensive as women, and we love them?
  12. Ok, when you say "Prestige vehicle", do you mean the maker? Alvis? In which case, there can only be one vehicle?
  13. A prestige armoured vehicle? Only things I can think were painted several differnt colours in their lives were Saxons and those Landrover based vehciles the Police use there now...they look a bit like Snatches with skirts.
  14. Is the clump of paimt from the inside of a hole? Its not that armoured bus?
  15. Dare I say, I am really quite impressed with the Government Gateway site. Once you register (for self assessment etc) renewing a photo licence is a piece of cake. When I changed address, they had the licence back to me within 2 or 3 days....and they do make it really easy.
  16. Get a life guys, its Xmas day you should not be looking at the forum, let alone posting....ahem...I was just checking to make sure no-one else was! Merry Xmas anyway
  17. I am sure with a bit of imagination you could distill some gin in that
  18. use "save search" on top left when you get to the page, and click on "receive emails". I guarantee its the only useful email you will reeive each day
  19. Had the same issue...its kinda hidden away now. You have to click on categories at the top of the screen, so you get the full list of categories (not the pull down menu) Then click on "more" under "cars, motorcycles and vehicles Then click "other vehicles" Then you will get "military vehicles" on the left side of the screen like Lee has shown Mick
  20. LandyAndy, I have seats free in the 101 if you want a lift. The kids have ducked out as they have swimming and other things on. I will be leaving home at about 7am to meet up with some other 101s, if you are the Woking side of Guildford I could swing by and pick you up. Mick
  21. I'll be there with a group of 101's in my Australian 101 lookie likie
  22. Talking of guns, anyone remember Johnny Seven OMA? Check your loft! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RARE-VINTAGE-JOHNNY-SEVEN-OMA-SEVEN-TOY-IN-ONE-BOXED-/110964354215?pt=UK_Toys_Creative_Educational_RL&hash=item19d5fdaca7
  23. Costco do a temporary garage/marquee type...very substantial and only a couple of hundred quid from memory.
  24. I guess a landrover was what it was, a tool to do a job. Probably less so these days (or at least those that are used for the Sainsburys run). Its good at what it does, never pretended to be comfortable, and most folk with half a mechanical mind can fix the majority of things that go wrong. Maybe some of the flak comes from folk that have owned one that has had a hard life, and expect them to go on for years with no maintenance. If you took any vehicle off road, I would expect it to take a bashing and require more maintenance?
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