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  1. Anyone got one they would like to sell?
  2. You’ve done a very, very good job of that. Well done
  3. Perhaps he was Richard but he had already commented on preferring driving the Pig and was talking about flying Pigs and how they had painted their screens pink. Maybe just a case of memory playing tricks on him. Nic
  4. I took my Saracen to a local village event yesterday, a chap came up to me who was an ex Saracen driver who had served in NI in the 80’s. He said that the Saracen he drove was adapted to have side doors (not the escape hatches) and that the middle axle was removed to accommodate these doors. I have never seen photos of such a Saracen, did they exist? As an aside, as I was about to leave an American sounding lady came up to me and asked “is this a jeep” !
  5. I’m thinking that this year I shall have to hang a polite “No entry please” when I show it, it’s a shame but there we are.
  6. I took my Saracen to a local car show yesterday, afterwards I parked it for an hour or so on the grass verge opposite my house. It’s not uncommon for people to slow or stop to take a closer look. But we noticed there was a stopped car and people starting to climb on it. Next someone was climbing into the turret hatch. My wife crossed over the road and asked them if it was OK to climb on the roof of their car. Embarrassed they said they didn’t mean any offence etc. It is sometimes the same at shows, I will allow young children to take a look inside when their parents are with them. But the next minute there will be a load of uninvited larger children inside pulling and prodding things. Perhaps you might say this is to be expected, but what I don’t expect is for their parents to be standing by watching without a word to their offspring warning that they should respect other people’s property. I’ve spent a lot of time and money restoring my vehicle and expect people to respect that, perhaps in this day and age I’m being unrealistic!
  7. I don’t think I would want to be one of the chaps inside!
  8. Is this Saracen wading or swimming?
  9. Well the bottom part is, but the top is thin metal
  10. Thanks Clive, Richard. I’m sure this will just stay on my interesting to have wish list. I’ve always thought that the reverse flow Saracen is extremely vulnerable with regard damage to its cowl. The slightest collision could well crumple it and compromise cooling. Nic
  11. I fancy adding a “paddy pusher” to the front of my Saracen like the one below. Does anyone know the whereabouts of one?
  12. Sounds like a hydraulic leak somewhere, perhaps wheel cylinder. Can you see any signs of weeping from wheels or brake lines?
  13. I agree, smooth hammerite gives a pretty good finish. I did my Saracen with it, I applied it with a small foam roller and the finish is as good as spray.
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