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  1. No problem let us know if it does or does not work.
  2. Have you tried a Copper washer or Dowty seal between cylinder and connection
  3. I believe one of the storage facilities was Wooky Hole. For the Dams Mines as well. Munitions workers are another band of unsung heroes,working and losing there lives behind the scenes. You only have to look at the Staffordshire explosion.
  4. Tall Boy 12000 lb length 21feet 6inches dia 3feet 2inches tail length approx 11 feet explosive content 5200lbs Grand Slam 22000 lb length 26 feet 6 inches dia 3 feet 10 inches tail length 13 feet 6 inches explosive content 9160 lb After being filled with explosive they took up to 4 weeks to cool before use. I remember years ago seeing pictures of parts of Tall Boys being manufactured by Vickers on Tyneside.
  5. Tyres especially large tyres build up heat internally, because of the way they are made. there is a natural heat build up in the tyre wall because of movement of the cords and carcase materials within the rubber compound as the tyre rotates and flexes. That is why older tyres with more layers of cords run hotter than more modern constructed tyres. Cross ply, bias belted and radial construction are made for different but overlapping purposes. Steer tyres heat up for several reasons, running at the wrong pressure, overloaded, exceeding the tonne mile per hour rating of the tyre, or running out of track. Older crossply tyes that have been standing in one spot for a some time settle to that shape and need to warm up to become round again usually giving a rough ride for a few miles. Old mechanics storing vehicles for the winter always put them up on blocks.
  6. I think it was used in several applications, and parts should be available fairly easily.
  7. I think Taskers is now Andover Trailers.
  8. Those tyres will run warm to the touch because of the heavy construction, 22 ply rating. 60 psi sounds about right try 65 psi and see if it makes a difference. Warm ambient temperatures at the moment make a difference. Great looking truck. What pressures are you running the rears at? They should be lower. Check the pressures when hot to see what they are going up to. Tyre pressure should be marked on the casing along with operating load. Front shock absorbers could be the problem.
  9. I think the youngsters would say Cool.
  10. That work will sort it. I have not worked on a side valve for many a long year. Has granddaughter forgiven you?
  11. john1950

    Thornycroft crane.

    When you hear some of the tales you could not make them up. Thorny would be a great project, one of the later cranes with rope luffing. Old Gardiner would probably fire straight up.
  12. john1950

    Thornycroft crane.

    A one Mansel did not bury
  13. There is no excuse for that kind of behaviour. Sours any relationship
  14. You have to speak as you find. I find Whithams easy to deal with, the people are really helpfull and nice. Only thing they do not have is councelling for buying things you do not need or will never have a use for.
  15. It has been some time since I visited the Discovery Museum, I must have another look. It was not there last time I went. Thats one any more?
  16. Scorpion/Scimitar are listed as 17,800 LB. 8.074 tonnes. Abbot 16.5 tonnes. without crew.
  17. Vickers Scotswood and its later incarnations had various vehicles on the block at the gate. I remember a field gun an Abbot, and a Cheiftain, I think that was on the gate of a metal recycler in Newcastle for a time.
  18. Where is a decommisioned Challenger 2 in civy hands? I think there may be 2 Challenger 1s with civy involvment/ownership. If it is metal it is prone to corrosion if untreated. Aluminium if it is in contact with the earth slowly degrades back to Bauxite. Parts usually come adrift if they become unfastened or come into contact with something that does not give, or perhaps an explosive force. I think there are only three scorces Challengers could come from,BAE, the M.O.D and Jordan.
  19. 43-KG-84 is painted on the frame, so it must be a transport frame for the power pack in a Warrior. Box looks purpose made for the frame, fits in tight and has timber to hold it in place. Now all I need is a power pack to go with it. Some hope. Thanks again.
  20. So much for my guess, thanks.
  21. Bone up on the idiosyincrasys of Dodge brakes
  22. Thanks Wally It has painted on it 43-KG-84 as well the other number was on the box.
  23. Trying to decypher DMC 4ETSA. I think it starts (excavator tracked)
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