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  2. Hi. I'm after a full soft top kit for my 110. Canvas/PVC cover, stick set, from door and screen mounts, and the seat belt bar and fixings. Also the rear tailgate. My 110 was a soft top but later in its military career it somehow was given a hardtop. So it does have all the external tie downs etc.. Does anyone have one spare, or would like to trade for a hardtop and good condition rear door? Thanks Paul
  3. I am looking for a 30 volt dynamo or leads to find one for my Loyd carrier. It is a CAV CB/D8C-47X. A 4 belt pulley would be a bonus. Peter.
  4. I think that all a machine wash will do is fade the ink but not touch the paint. There are a number of possible solutions if you search "removing paint from fabric" and "removing ink from fabric". I'm not recommending any of them but if do decide to try one or more of them, only do a test area first.
  5. I have had various people argue with me and be very assertive that as they were older they knew what they are talking about. I guess as I owned a Humber Pig at 21 years old it somehow got peoples back up! I had many classics said to me: "..course, it's based on a Land Rover...". Er, no, not at all. "Ah, a saracen, I drove these..". Excuse me, its actually a Humber Pig.. "What the F@@@ do you know, boy?". How charming some people are! "I had one, mine weighed over 10 tonnes as was uparmoured". Really? Was it full of scrap steel and bags of ballast? "I drove one of these in Iraq" I guess he was lost and took the wrong turn at the Antrim lights? "Of course, this isn't a real one". No, it is total fantasy and I made it from plywood! Saying that, I had the same with most vehicles.
  6. The covers were sold as canvas for Penman Trailers, Compton 2000 who make them make both types for a Penman, "Plastic" or canvas. I have a brand new one direct from them but got these as they were used. Thinking of the rinse cycle in the washing machine for a first go
  7. FWD update. We have dissasembled the radiator and repaired 2 leaking tubes. One leaking tube was interior and opted to simply plug it. Reaasembled and installed it. Had a new step cast from a pattern taken from another FWD. Used cast bronze for strength. Have nearly completed reassembly of engine components but a bit baffled by the accelerator linkage. I hope to get some pictures from other vehicles in the US and UK for comparison. We have good spark and compression and expect to have it running soon. I am at the three year mark. The body is ready to be straightened in spots and then resandblasted and painted
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  9. Perfect Gaz, Always good to find these local sources and they will come in handy for other things I'm sure. Cheers Iain
  10. Many thanks chaps I’m going to have a proper go through at the weekend starting with the rears I think I’ll drop to 50 and see what she goes like then increase by 5 psi to see what happens till she feels better it is a slower frequency bouncing almost like the tyre is out of shape (it isn’t) I will post and let you know Thanks again Tim
  11. Where in south Liverpool ?
  12. Hi Iain, Managed to get 4 shackles today to do the job here! Spent nearly 4hrs on the 'Net searching for the right shackle pin, diam, corresponding 'Jaw' size but no luck and was then recommended a company not to far from me and sorted me with certified shackles that fit the job perfectly! Individually they are rated at 15cwt/.76T and together will lift 3T ! They each fail at 3T... Thanks for your help Iain ! Regards Gaz Andy Tomlinson E: sales@chesterchain.co.uk
  13. I looked for over 10 years and missed out twice in that time frame, Clive Hughes has a few bits, I had a few of the actual bases made/recast years back, but you will probably have to have one made..
  14. Norwegian trucks only tend to come in two varieties, those that were completely stripped down for a production line rebuild, and those that were entirely original. Your friend's truck has been rebuilt at least once, maybe twice, but some of the other Dodges like their Canadian APTs had very few miles on them, right up to disposal, and had just been given normal preventative maintenance. They were obsoleted first too, being non-standard. I talked to a couple of Norwegians that were involved in the rebuilding around Bergen, I think in the 1980's
  15. Dear Members, The Guernsey Military Vehicle Group (GMVG), held a meeting tonight and it was suggested that a post should be made on this forum to ensure vehicle owners wanting to attend the 75th Liberation Celebrations in Guernsey part of the British Iles Occupied by the Whermacht. Attached is the flyer to register your interest. We would love to see rare British or German vehicles on the tour. Thanks for your attention. Gsydingo
  16. Well my chassis serial is #81722458 and the build date on the build card is Aug 11th 1944. It too was Norwegian, so how much if any other bits were on the production line along with the chassis is unknown. EDIT - my chassis number and build date don't agree with the pdf production list which guestimates my Dodge built six months after it was.
  17. Almost 300 truck magazines from 1992 to current. Vintage Road Scene, Vintage Commercial Vehicle, Classic Commercials, Heritage Commercials. Too good to go to the tip but they have to go to avoid a divorce. Collection only. South Liverpool
  18. Are you sure that they are Penman covers and not Sankey wide track ones? All the Penman covers that I have seen are a vinyl material like Land Rover Wolf canopies.
  19. Trouble with a rebuild is that the frame may bear no resembalance to the bits on it. The vehicles were stripped completly and then put together from what was on the end of the line at the time. So your rebuild date is probably it.
  20. Hi Guys I stumbled across this picture that one of your members posted. My interest is a long story i am the current owner of a Black Vauxhall DX 1938 registered in the north ridings by and RAF offices who was killed action. I have been trying for a few years to find out more about the owner RM Williams. The restoration work has been challenging. I love to find out more about this photograph Thanks Steve
  21. Production dates:- https://armyvehiclemarking.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/AVM-Dodge-WC-Series-4x4-ChassisNo-vs-HoodNo-v20180316.pdf
  22. I am helping a friend out with his Dodge WC51, ex Norway. The frame number is 81725119, and should be a late model one, i.e. late 1944, or 1945 From the Daimler Benz Waiblingen (Jan 1949) rebuild tag, the hood number was 2283894 Help with aproximate build date would be helpful. Thankx Goran Noren
  23. July 16th/17th - Coil/King Lead Modification Over recent weeks, the Jeep engine hasn't been quite right, sometimes running a bit rough and down on power. I wondered whether the cylinder head gasket was failing again or whether the valves needed adjusting. All the plugs were a bit sooty, the front two more so than the others. A compression test showed the cylinder pressures all ok, though the front two were a little lower than the rear two. The valve cover came off and the valve clearances adjusted. The French Solex carburetor mixture can't be adjusted. It's not designed to be adjusted, presumably so soldiers in the field don't mess around with it, so why did it appear the engine was running rich? A poor combustion would do it, but what would cause poor combustion? All the plugs were fairly new and the leads tight on the plugs and also tight into the distributor. The king lead from the distributor was also ok, but then I realised that it was loose in the coil. On removal, I found the coil socket and lead were all covered in carbon. It wouldn't firmly click into place and it was just the friction of the rubber cap holding it in, but obviously not making firm contact, hence the arcing in the end of the coil. From memory, it was never a positive click when the coil was replaced in 2018. It was all cleaned out and put back together with a drop of glue on the rubber cap, holding it onto the lead. A test drive to get some fuel, showed the engine running fine and with perhaps a bit more pull than before. So the problem seemed to have been fixed, but how to stop the lead creeping back out. The following day, I made a composite glass/ply/glass bar that slotted over the king lead. Two springs from the bar, attached to holes in the coil bracket, pull this bar with a little downward pressure to maintain positive contact of the lead into the coil. I may yet paint this black, but will eave it alone for now for further testing.
  24. One of the usual events is the para drop on Ginkel heath on 21 september in Ede. Operation Market Garden 2019, big event. Military vehicle column and more; https://omg2019.nl/en/ We are still hoping to recreate the Waalcrossing at Nijmegen bridge in WW2 wooden boats and repro uniforms, paddling across. But it depends on permits and such.
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