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this cant be worth it

v8 bubba

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nice but not that nice the 30cal looks wrong for period and are the markings correct

Its already been criticised on G503 forum, shiny M38, appears to have no handbrake, none of its original 24volt electrics...nice paintjob otherwise

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Ok. I knew that it wouldnt take long, but there is an M38 for sale on E bay now for $59,900. Take a look at:




Madness. Where are these idiots with such money? (And how do i become one?).


Tim (too)

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Guest west-front

I saw this as well and found it pretty hard to fathom. The only explanation I could come up with is someones highjacked a buyers account.


I knew of a case here in Australia where a bloke was attempting to sell a tracked Weasel on e-bay and had a buy it now price. This was activated by a bidder who turned out to be some kid who had hacked into an ebay account and reeked havoc with it. This bloke was just one of hundreds of people stuffed around by this kid

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