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Even more Jeeps !!

Nick Johns

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Looking at all these photo's just shows the variations in markings and sizes of letters and positions etc. There are loads of books around that give all the sizes of stencilling and positions but when you look at pics like these you realise that the books are as factory fresh in the field it's a differant story. I restored my Hippo in 'Mickey Mouse' Camo and the markings of REME and 79th Armoured division. I have been told several times that the REME and Div signs are on the wrong sides on the front. ie Div sign on the drivers side and REME on the passenger side. Which is suprising as THAT was the position I found them in when I stripped it down to the bare metal plus a red stripe 3" wide that ran diagonally from the top of the radiator down to the passenger side at about 45 degrees. Nobody has ever seen that on a vehicle. Perhaps somebody may have a clue. Sorry to wander of the subject.


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