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Morris CS8

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Here you are, my brand new 1940 Morris CS8............................................


A few days work I think?


But, she is mostly there, It is going to be at least next summer before I will get round to starting work as I still have a 1944 C8 to finish.......not to mention the Comet!



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Yes Rick the tin work is quite good, as is the original timber back body!

Engine will not turn, so complete rebuild there.

It came from a scrapyard in Poole in dorset about 18 years ago.

I will make a note of the chassis number and do some research.

How is your C8 comming on, would like to see some photos.



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I noticed the holes in the floor next to the gear stick.. Are these holes original ? They had a little rod that sticks through the floor , you pulled it to engage the tyre pump ..the rod has a loop shaped end on it .


My 3 Cs8 wrecks have no woodwork left , it all rotted away years ago .They changed the design of the near side long tool locker too .. I' ve got 2 different styles . The aero screen models are not common here .. most of them here are the later type with the full windscreen and metal doors . No-one here has restored one yet .. just too exotic and alien ..hard to get spares for and you dont see them on old war movies ....unlike Jeeps . Many collectors here are unaware that Morris built military vehicles.


This is one of the wrecks i ended up with... chassis is badly rusted . it was broken up for spares before i owned it .




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this one I swapped some stuff for . You would not believe how stuffed this vehicle is ..the steering pitman arm has been broken in half and somebody has brazed it together !! All the steering tie rod ends have been welded on to the tie rod ! Motor seized . Spring hangers crudely welded onto the chassis . the king pins have about 1/4" of play in them . the GS body wood is all replaced with high boards . Somebody has even damaged the wheels ..they used a gas axe to cut off wheel nuts and they cut into the rims .




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Nice collection Mike!

And I thought I had my work cut out!

You are right about the tool boxes, there are different types, not much left of mine.

Is that a corner of a Ford WOT2 I see lurking in the last photo?






yes it is a WOT2 beside the Morris ..pic was taken at a Govt. owned museum in Canberra .they disosed of a few unwanted vehicles and I got lumped with the pink morris ..Its actually faded red as it was a bush fire truck in civvy life. Its got a water pump on the gearbox drive where the tyre pump shuld be .the WOT2 bits they had were very bad.. worse than the Morris !



Rick.Yes it has been consigned to the spares department ! the chassis is probably useable ..but needs work on it ..the rest of the car is junk... I've never seen a CS8 here with the towing attachment still in place ..thay are always gone.


I played with 3 WOT2's in the early 1980's two D models and a H .

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Normally , the numbers stamped into the rear near side spring mount are broken down into three :they are usually stamped as 3 seperate


1.sanction number ..this is sort of a MCC internal method of tracking batches .


2.CS8 self explains itself


3. the last number is the actual chassis number , beginning with 1 .. around 1935 ..up to around 21, 000 in 1941 .


Your number doesn't make sense , the last digits eg, 15163 mean it is the 15163th vehicle to be built .


Sanction number 1802 is for : CS8/mk3 .. this taken from the 1940 MCC repair aids for service vehicles .


Your 058 ..is actually a badly stamped CS8 .


So you actually have: sanction 1802 model CS8 chassis number 15163


Got it ?


BTW I've a few chassis numbers listed here: http://www.geocities.com/vk3cz/CS8numbers.html



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