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Karrier chassis

Ed Batchelor

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Not found anything on this make amongst the many pictures you have on this site so thought I'd post a few of our Karrier chassis, believed to be from WW1 period but am standing by to be corrected on that!

My 4WD Roadless Fordson struggles to pull it in the wet when loaded, I wonder how they got on using standard Fordsons and such like when this would have been first converted!




Chassis is in very good order having been kept dry all its life, not sure where to look for a chassis number - any ideas? There is one small brass plate on the prop shaft tube relating to a patent if I remember correctly. I believe axles are in their original locations but it looks like 2' has been chopped off chassis just behind rear spring hangers. Don't now why as wooden body extends beyond this.




Front axle looks complete, utilises original steering mechanism with a drawbar attached, this system fascinated me as a youngster but it is not very user friendly for reversing!




Rear axle, don't know if diff is still fitted inside. Still some paint visible on crossmember! Springs in fairly good order.




One rear hub still carries the makers name.

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Careful, you'll be seeing strange men with low loaders eyeing it up. :-D As for tractor, is it the double headed Fordson? :shocked: A farm near here had a lorry chassis converted to a trailer, the rear axle and gearbox were still fitted with a PTO shaft from box to tractor.

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What a splendid looking chassis. A real find. Interesting to see that the diff cover is still on. That would suggest to me that the diff is still inside, as normally the cover is scrapped at the same time as the diff.


It certainly appears to be a subsidy chassis, one of about 2,000 made for the WD.


I saw what i thought to be the sole survivor before it was sold from the Sutcliffe collection a few years ago. I have no idea where it has gone now. This one was built after the war had finished but was still built under the subsidy scheme (so i am told).




Steve sent me a picture of another one very recently, which i will try and find.


Tim (too)

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