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MVT weekend at Swinbrook

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The North Oxfordshire & Cotswolds MVT organised a camping weekend at Swinbrook in the Cotswolds. Numbers were a little down on last year but i think some people were put off by the threatening weather. Saying that we had only a tiny spot of rain. We were also joined by a few Champ owners who had come from far and wide. What a great bunch they were and it was a pleasure to have them come and join us.


We organised two road runs through the Cotswolds. The first one was 28 miles and took us to the old airfield at Little Rissington (once home to the Red Arrows). We did a line up in front of the Officers Mess and admin building which now looks sadly neglected.






Hang on, whats that?




It belongs to this fellow here, who wore some very cunning camouflage:




It was good to meet you at last Chris.


That evening we had a barbecue and drink at the cricket club, then the following morning we did a road run to the Akerman Street airfield, followed by a trip to the remains of a US Field Hospital. Mostly overgrown now, but we wandered around the woods exploring the remains of the buildings. All very interesting.


Following that a bit more of a drive then a photo shoot at the Charlbury Railway Station:




Sorry if i didnt get your MV in the picture, I couldnt get the whole line up in.




Then back to Swinbrook to pack up and head off.


Many thanks to everyone who came (including four HMVF'ers) we will do it again next year and you are all most welcome to come back.


Tim (too)

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The run on Saturday was a little longer than it should have been & a bit of a giggle as umm someone took a wrong turn!


Now thats not technically correct. I did not take a right turn as i failed to make a left turn. Anyway, it was quite entertaining to watch 10 MV's do a 3 point turn in the middle of a busy road as i sped off.


Tim (too)

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Now what exactly did John say? Worthy of a caption competition.


Here are some more photos of Akerman Street airfield. It was a grass landing strip but the concrete Peri track is still in very good condition. Some of the buildings are still standing but not in very good condition.








Who F****d?




Here are some photos of the US field hospital remains. Hard to make out, but this is the floor of one of the ward huts stretching off to the line of trees in the distance. This photo was taken about halfway along. Under the moss is concrete floor with a rubbery type coating.




This is a water cistern i guess to be used for fighting fires.




Various other buildings survive but are being consumed by the forest. I lived here for 9 years before i realised that this was just down the road from. i had driven past it hundred of times and you would just never know that it was there.


Tim (too)

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Here is a picture (thanks Nathan) of Akerman Street airfield. All that remains is the peri track and a few buildings. It had a grass airstrip so i suppose that remains.




Here is an aerial photo of the US Field Hospital. Planting trees over the top did a good job of camouflaging it. However, woodsmen have now strted clearing the site. Whether for a cash crop or for redevelopment i dont know.




Basically it is everything on the left of the photo under the coniferous trees. The water tower and ward photos were taken at the top of the wood beside the road. It looks like there are many other things to see, so i hope to go back in the Winter when all the undergrowth has died down.


Tim (too)

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