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We got the film props off a chap who is in to sniper stuff who does the rounds. Don't know his name - he prefers to remain in the background. The SLR is basically a lump of wood and iron, but I really like it. Lee and Harry have recommended some mods to improve it. I bought a butt plate which goes with the older wood furniture (I think - from memory) but the butt is cut more like for the later plastic stuff. I'll get it right.


The SA80 is lovely. It has the old a1 cocking handle which doesn't look so wonderful, but who cares for that price.


The Browning HP remains a bit of a curates egg. Markheliops tried to strip it and could not. I'm happy with it, regardless. The downside is we managed to lose the lanyard ring out of it in no time at all - fixing screw and all. But it looks fine.


Fun times ahead.



With a bit of luck he be at MM.

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