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Highs and lows.....


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Went up to Tanks-a-Lot today for the H license training and testing. Original plan was to spend the morning training on the 432 then have the tests in the afternoon.

So in the best tradition of comedy the examiner arrived at 09:00..... We wound up doing the test straight away - not a problem I hear you say - well, probably not unless like me you've never set foot in a 432 before!! :shake:

I had less than an hour to learn how to drive the 432 and maneuvere it. Also it seems Nicks persistence in getting block bookings had upset the DVLA so todays tests were conducted very striclty. So I felt not too bad when the examiner told me I'd failed - on only one point. I forgot to check the mirrors when pulling away after the final exercise, the emergency stop. Rest of the test was. to quote the examiner, "perfectly carried out". Not bad for never having driven a 432 before and especially as the OT-90 is so different. There were 6 of us there today and the examiner failed 2 of us.

Spent the rest of the day playing with the humvee and the Soviet 2S1 "Gvozdika" SPG including a pleasant interlude eating lunch at the local pub (no alcohol, soft drinks only!!).


Waiting to hear now from Nick as to when he can get a re-test booked for the two of us who were failed. Should be OK next time. :)

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So I felt not too bad when the examiner told me I'd failed -




If your a clumsy bugger who is inclined to fail tests don’t ring us we have 100% pass rate and aim to keep,


That buggers that quote up then :coffee:

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Neil why oh why has that dang Gremlin or Gremlins have it in for you !!!! Perhaps you need to make an offering to whatever spirits that seem to have be miffed or offended.


Seems very unfair of the examinor to expect everyone to be ready when there was so little time to do so .

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Yeah - Nick was none too happy with the DVLA - he's been sort of rocking the boat trying to get them to allow him to have block bookings without having to give all the details at time of booking. Seems the DVLA aren't happy and the examiner said he'd been told to toughen things up (impression given was they'd also seen that quote on Nicks site too..).

The actual examiner was a fair guy though - he said at the pre-test brief that he would like to see the driver get out and walk to the rear of the vehicle (on top) before and possibly during the reversing manoeuvre however as I was somewhat incapacitated ankle-wise he'd settle for me standing in the hatch and having a good look. He'd also said as the test was meant for digger drivers, not tanks, then no banksmen or commanders were allowed to be used so if we wanted to use a digger for the test that would be fine. So we had a quick conference and decided as we were taking the test to drive armour it was right we took the test in armour.

At least I have the consolation that I wasn't the only one to fail - one of the other guys got knocked back too - also for an observation error. We'll know better for next time. :):)

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