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Valentine loading.


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Wolverhampton West Park show last weekend and we helped John Pearson take his Valentine DD tank to the show so he could take it a drive through the city center! :-D

Snapper asked for some pictures.

Grumpy got off to a great start offroading the Militant, see the pic's in the Heavy's section. Valentine to the rescue and pulled him free. :rofl:


Valentine basking in the evening sun.



Lined up ready to be winched on.



Up she goes.



Snug fit.




Ready to unload.




Job done. We all had a great weekend and the road run was fun.



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It was an interesting weekend, I drove John Pearsons saracen around the town with poptopshed in the command seat. It was ok till we had a fuel problem which was quickly sorted. We had some fun with loading the valentine with me in the driving seat for the return trip but things worked out ok.


Big Al

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Yes it was great its not very offten you can drive around a city on a saturday with the roads shut for us to drive along! This is the third year we have been involed this year John Pearson had the valentine,saracen and FV438 running as well has a lot of birmingham MVT members with there pride and joy. Poptopshed has posted more photos on westpark thread on this forum.

Big Al

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