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pilots names on modern jets


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Quick urgent question


When a pilot's name is painted on a modern plane - Riffraff Tornado - etc - are they stencilled or some sort of transfer??? I've argued here (at work) that the cockpits are set up to suit the assigned aircrew - not for any old sod. This is to do with a certain HRH having fast jet experience.


comments please



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Exactly how are the cockpits different? Experience tells me that there isn't a lot of room in a Harrier cockpit. You can adjust seat height and that is about it. As for the names, they often appear to be stencilled on. When you get up close to planes you will be amazed at how scabby they can appear, with bits painted over or peeling off. For in theatre ops, the aircraft used to be painted in a kind of alkali based distemper.


I agree with Jessie, but matching curtains are soooooooooo last season.

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It is a fact that Antars were allocated to a particular crew. When an Antar went into a workshop the crew went too, and stayed with that Antar until it came back into service. The Antar was one of the few Army vehicles were the driver stayed with just one vehicle and for that reason, their names were very often painted on the doors.


The Antar crews were called "The gipsys" because they lived in their vehicle, carrying their Canvas home around on it's back.


But I don't know whether their names were signwritten or stencilled.....

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