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  1. Hi, I have looked in my copy of the book mentioned. All there is for LSU 304 is that it was with the bus companies Aldershot and District and then Alder Valley but nothing about subsequent owners. Its an interesting book is well worth buying if you haven't already got it. Regards Ross
  2. A well know photo, but nice all the same. Ross
  3. Hello David Afraid I have no idea where they were taken. Thanks for the information, I have got a copy of R. P. Hunnicutts book on the sherman but haven't got as far as RAMs yet. Ross
  4. Hi Adrian These are the only other colour photos I have of shermans. Enjoy Ross
  5. Some nice colour photos. Is the second one a RAM. Ross
  6. I have found a couple of photos to add. The one below has no information on the back, as to the location or date. The date on the back of this one is 1919, taken at Hampstead Heath, with registration number LU 8057. As with the top photo there is no information on the back of this one. But looking at the crane on the back it was used as a tow truck at Willesden Bus Garage. Regards Ross
  7. Outside in the yard there were the following shermans. (I dont what variants)
  8. While on holiday in france last august I visited the Saumur tank museum (Well worth a visit if you get the chance). I dont know what variant this sherman is, I am awaiting the delivery of the sherman book by R.P. Hunnicutt so will then read up about it. Below the sherman is M10, Sexton and M3 Lee.
  9. This M10 is located by a war memorial at the cavalry barracks in Saumur, not far from the tank museum. Ross
  10. Hello Arthur I will try and see if I can find the location tomorrow, but have no idea if its for sale or not. Regards Ross
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