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WW2 Wood framed camp cot question

mad dan eccles

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A few months back I came into possession of a 1944 dated camp cot going gratis, same design build as the current issue types but with wood and steel for the frame and the metal bits rivetted to the wood rather than screwed together , only recently opened  it to check it over properly and found the canvas is torn. 

Wouldn't mind putting it to use but I think its a bit beyond my skillset with a sewing needle, and being rivetted together I can't disassemble it like the modern types to work on it either. Does anybody know anyone/anywhere within the Vale of Glamorgan(shire) or bordering counties that might be able to effect repairs?

I shall try and get pictures sometime during the week of it and figure out uploading them if that helps.

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I have a 1944 dated US folding camp bed that I use regularly.

The canvas gets quite some tension, so I think just mending the tear isn't enough, you will need a patch. If you can source a suitable material (khaki or green canvas would be fine I think) I'm sure any sailmaker can help you out. It just needs a heavy-duty sewingmachine big enough to let the frame of the cot through.

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