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As it has come to the inevitable time to change the oil on the Wolf90 I consulted the AESP and it seems OX90 is the oil of preference. This code is new to me and I am unsure what exactly the civilian spec of the oil grade would be. The internet doesn't seem to know?

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Thanks for the help. Yes, it is somewhat confusion. I think I will take the NYE Lube chart as the more accurate of the two. At least with SAE 10W-40 I have some in the workshop! It also corresponds to the civilian recommendation for the 300TDI

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That is what was confusing me Clive. AESP 2320-D-128-601 Maintenance Schedule states OX90.

I bought some SAE 10W-40 diesel oil from Mannol which I assume will do the same job. It does not meet the E7/E6 ACEA but not many seem to unless you get really expensive. I cannot imagine the 300TDI even with EGR requires specialist oils. 




image aesp.png

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Paul that's interesting I wonder what edition of 601 you have? The spec seems to have gone though a lot of changes I only have:

2nd ed June 1997 OMD-80
3rd ed May 1999 OMD-80X
6th ed May 2010 OMD-90

Looking at the latest Def Stan 01-005 Issue 20 March 2023:
OMD-90 10W-30
OX-90  10W-40

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