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Help with AC Cars Trailer 15cwt 2 Wheeled Undercarriage

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Can anyone shed any light on this trailer? What would it have been used for? What era would it have been built? (Obviously rebuilt in April '51). I have googled the name but not a lot of info out there. The AC Owners' Club (Cobras and Aces etc) have been gifted this trailer from a vigilant farmer who was about to weigh it in before realising it was built by AC Cars. But nobody in the club knows what to do with it!

Any info would be very gratefully received. 






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It is a military 180 gallon water tank trailer chassis from ww2, During the war AC Cars entered into war production and are listed as building fire fighting vehicles and equipment, including " Water Tank trailers" ,as in the pic , various other manufacturers/ contractors built the same thing too in large numbers, not just AC, they were all made to the same standard design ....

.I wonder if the Farmer still has the water tank?  ..the only value for such a thing is if it was complete with water tank, pump & filters.  Alas as it is just a trailer chassis its only of nominal value, the AC connection really only adds novelty value to it.

AC built other things apart from cars too including several railway trains, including the Southend Pier train



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Thanks for your replies chaps very helpful. I have since read up on the chap who has resorted one of these water trailers. I would have never have found it had it not been for the replies here so thanks again. The club archive holds all sorts of records of what was built but the factory records for government contracts were not highly coveted like those for cars so there are gaps and things have been lost/damaged over the years. We assumed there would only be nominal value, it's more of an information gathering exercise. 

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The 180 gall tank and pump equipment was supplied by Fisher Ludlow of Castle Bromwich or a few other companies.

This trailer was rebuilt at SOU1, just wondered if anyone knew where that was located, because I have a Champ that was rebuilt at SOU3 and would like to know where that was located. There must be a list somewhere?

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Surely as a representative example of the wartime production efforts by AC Cars, the trailer chassis could be restored, as is, to ex-factory condition by the Owners Club. If the tanks were manufactured by a third party, it’s restoration in its current state is a legitimate exercise.

The missing tank will inevitably turn up eventually. Admittedly the pump and filter gear are more of an issue but it wouldn’t be the first time such items have been reproduced.

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