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Froyle earthwork

Hair Bear

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Hi, unsure where to start with this.

There is a field near Lower Froyle in Hampshire with a curious anomaly in it. The field is mostly rectangular, but along the western edge next to the lane there is a small square-ish area that is not cropped. it appears to be concreted. On google there can be seen a mark to the eastern edge, this is a brick convex arch-like structure at ground level that slopes away suggesting a decending 'something' underneath. Best way I can describe it is if you were to dig a tunnel and line it with bricks, this is what it would resemble if uncovered. Location 51.19807,-0.90392.

The next field to the south has a smaller uncropped area along the same lane.

Any suggestions?

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The normal shortcut/backdoor to 'field-survey research' is to ask the land-owner/farmer , just beware they normally then ask  "why do you want to know".     The last time I made such an enquiry - at least the estate land-owner did invite me into her kitchen to lay out on her table my  O.S. Explorer + Pathfinder , but then - still first asked   "why do you want to know"  LoL

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