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Maxson quad battery type

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I'm using 2x 6v 130ah lead acid batteries in series as per the original spec. 

I haven't got it fully operational yet, but have tested and does begin to show signs of loosing power. So in hindsight I would go for the largest ah 12v/6v combination that fits on the tray. I did enquire with Lincoln Batteries and they suggested a deep cycle battery would be suitable. Just means you can run the quad longer.


Hope that helps. 

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Hi, thanks for that info it does help.

I was looking to put two 6v ones in but after your experience I might try the bigger 165AH batteries which should just fit the tray.

I suppose a large 12v is a possibility also?



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I would definitely go with the largest that will fit, no harm in it really. 

12v would work as well, you could even put them in parallel I imagine and have even more capacity. Just not manual spec. 

When I enquired about a 12v deepcycle battery I think I was looking at around 200+ah that fitted in the tray. 

Is yours running yet? 


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I'm hoping to use a WW2 PE-77 (Briggs and Stratton)which is 115v. I'm currently trying to convert it down to 12v with a buck converter and a few other bits. I got some spare parts from Antique Briggs in the USA.

I believe the correct genny is Power Charger 7386579 (briggs and stratton)which is 12.5v 15-20amps according to the manual. Quite hard to find I think.

Haven't heard of the Tiny Tim, does look different to the ones I've seen on a Quad. If it fits and runs a solid 12v might be worth trying.

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That looks great, definitely the correct generator for a quad. 

Have you got it working yet? I'd be interested to know the operational current output.


I have just lifted the quad onto the trailer and now its mounted correctly the current draw has shot up from around 130amp during testing to 150-200amp which is not sustainable to run on really. 

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On 8/24/2021 at 5:23 PM, GreenEagleKing said:

Nice, did you notice any high current draw or overheating on the motor? 

For the past 5months the motors been in and out trying to work out why it's pulling 150amps. Currently being rewound which hopefully will get to the bottom of it. 

Hi, just checked my motor and it’s pulling 154 amps. What should it be?

did you get your issue sorted?

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Hi Alistair,

I'm not 100% sure these are the correct belts, but they were the closest match to the manual spec I could find. I did speak to Gavin at Jeeparts and he had a guy come over to match up the belts. Might be worth a phone call.

Link: https://simplybearings.co.uk/shop/p516003/A18-Major-Brand-A-Section-V-Belt/product_info.html

Have you found any good parts supplies for the Quad? I'm looking for a few bits and pieces to finish it off.



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That’s it, not many members as yet but it’s building up.

I picked up some Quad rings recently for the Halftrack and got a power set cover and new seat coming. I think I’ve identified the connectors for the firing solenoids but need to check the spec against what are on mine. I also picked up a battery hold down frame and step from the states.

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I bought some of those belts, a lot better fit than the ones I had, thanks for that.

elevation still incredibly poor, traverse is spot on! Thinking I might have to unbolt from the trailer and hoist it off to take a better look, do you know the measurements for the 3 legs? I’ll have to rig a stand up to set it on. 👍


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