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  1. Hi all, I am currently restoring an M45 Quadmount anti-aircraft gun and having some issues with the motor. The 12v 100amp motor has just been reconditioned and works really well with no load, no smoke or anything. When the motor is under load with the gearboxes and pulleys attached the motor begins to smoke after about 30 seconds pulling around 9.5v during operation. It has just been reconditioned so not expecting it to get so hot so quickly. I will be calling the people who fixed the motor on Monday, but wanted to see if anyone else has had experience with this issue or can h
  2. Yes of course, was thinking maybe he abrivated Europe as a continent to EU.
  3. Maybe he means Europe geographically rather than politically?
  4. Try clearing browsing data and cookies or try a different browser?
  5. Hello all, It's been nagging me for a while now and wondering what the rest of you think. There are some ads on Milweb from Jean Petit for various WW2 tanks and armour and many of them are "Only for sale out of EU" why is this? Is it regulation? Financial incentives? Thanks 🤔
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