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GMC cckw353 towing (broken down)

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The simple answer is that few vehicles should be towed any great distance without the drive shaft disconnected as there will be no lubrication available for the stationary gears on the mainshaft while the mainshaft itself is spinning. When the engine is running with clutch engaged the gears on the layshaft will be slinging oil in all directions which will find its way to lubricate the journals of individual gears on the mainshaft.

I'm not sure what the manual states for towing with the transfer box in neutral or even if there is a neutral available but the problem withe stationary gears and spinning shafts may remain.

IIRC the ZF auto box used on DROPS vehicles has a rear oil pump which is driven from the propshaft and the vehicle can be towed providing the box has not developed a fault.

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