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  1. i have got a full floor i am not fitting was going back to jeeparts then lockdown if you need
  2. yes still taking on work i am finding parts are starting to get harder as dealers are running out of parts so the jobs are taking a bit longer to do like blasting
  3. with this new lock down i have started the ford gpa with the frame, if you have never done a gpa you build it so you can drive the frame around work out all the snags then remove the axles, springs then put it all the the hull seal it all and refit the axles and hope there is on leeks had to make some of the spring hanger washers on the myford lathe and had to make a spring hanger as one was missing its coming along this is day 2 of the build keep safe and keep building
  4. sorry steve about your mum i lost mum and dad within 10 weeks of each other last year think of all the good times do the jeep for your mum all the best to you and your family jerry
  5. as for the top hats what i do is remove all the wet wood weld a heavy wall tube were the body bolt holes are then fill them up with expanding filler foam from tool station water will never get in when its all dry then seam seal joints and under the body were you never see stone chip paint this you can over paint
  6. get your self some weld through primer paint both sides then weld up this is the type I have
  7. the parts come from MD juan why get them from France all the uk dealers have them and most of the suppliers except for jeeparts who are the md juan out let in the uk get the parts from jeep village or Jeepsudest save the shipping from France
  8. leave them one or send them to me got some time next week can do them for you just post them
  9. just fix the ones you have that what i do
  10. found some old photos when i was doing the usmc jeep
  11. cheque the date of your jeep as late pedals did not have the cast type the plane ones had a type of grip tape on them you can simulate this with grit sand in the primer then paint the top coat in green i had to make the ones on my late war time jeep and my next ford is the same and deep mud exhaust pipe you can make this from an m38 jeep with a bit of cutting and welding
  12. if they are painted black they all come from the same maker i have fitted loads of them and there are no problems with them my usmc jeep has them
  13. grill marker tights from India are ok a bit different in shape and don't know if they do the ford type best are m v spares but cost more and get the fitting tool for the door sockets also from joes jeeparts also do the sockets on there own
  14. First jeep restoration after lock down and heading into anther some photos for you keep safe keep building
  15. this is what happens when some one does not know how to set a diff up in a jeep axle it lasted less then 100 miles photos of the new one and the busted one its the best one i have ever seen it made a bit of a rattle when driven also burnt out the bearings not a cheep day out
  16. as you say my hobby but it is all so my job as i work on jeep all day every day after being made redundant 10 years ago i did not think i could make a living out of it also i hade a good teacher my farther who was big in the Morgan 3 wheeler club and my great friend and mentor graham lycett who all ways helped with advice and encouragement on my jeep builds this turned in to me working for jeeparts till last year and loved ever minute of it
  17. some other bits the gaz 67 after cutting all the rust out making the usmc battery box that fits between the front seats and making the antenna box for the side , late type jerry can holder have you ever seen one like this the dodge i restored my old m29c that took a year to do and now lives over in Germany the winch drive on the usmc jeep last photo is a ford gpw 1942 no scripted back and no jerry can only made this type for 2 months i think this now lives in America
  18. got my first jeep when i was 20 and am now 50+ some of the other jeeps i have done some are still with me
  19. yes along with 6 others and a gpa
  20. good tyres hard wearing look good and when you need 7 for best price i get them from jeeparts
  21. Dallas autos 5 firestone 600x16 --- £775 or speedway 600x16 ---- £420 i fit both types and look first class this jeep is on firestone second jeep is on speedway
  22. wish i had a bigger workshop just finished the rewiring on the next restoration then its get the ford gpa in the workshop and build up the frame so i can drive it around and test it out before fitting it in the hull
  23. i might know of a jeep that was running a number of years ago can ask if its up for sale don't know the condition and i am not after another one as i have two more to do for myself let me know and i can ask for you sorry you cannot get better than a ww2 jeep to much plastic on that one
  24. sorry you cannot get better than a ww2 jeep to much plastic on that one
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