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  1. just a 1/2 day today built up all 4 wheels and got the jeep back on her wheels will test fit the body next then repaint the frame and start work on the engine and gear boxes what will we find ? and have got some of the workshop cleared of some parts
  2. over the last 2 days i have been working on the front axle and some other bits tomorrow i will build up the wheels with the new tyres fill the brakes system fill both axles with oil then test fit the body
  3. built up the front axle new bearings in the diff and painted up along with some other parts then fitted the axle and start to build up the the ends set the pre load on the king pin bearings
  4. have them sent late last week
  5. the front is willys the back ford lots of ford bolts inside but only some willys bolts on the diff cover is that ok and today rebuilt the back axle new brakes, pipes, oil seals and fitted tomorrow will start on the front axle along with all the bits and paint the wheels ready to fit the new tyres need to make a prop splash shield for the right side of the frame not to far off getting it back on its wheels and rolling
  6. to days work was the back axle resetting the pinion to 4267 then the crown wheel so you get 5 to 7 thou back lash then bolt the back cover on make an 8/39 axle tag paint the axle and parts ready for fitting tomorrow
  7. yes that's a track pin i have a number of them a they make good punches
  8. top coated the frame yesterday and left the dry so today started to fit all the bits back next week i plan to rebuild the axles this will include resetting the crown wheel and pinion, new bearings and oil seals
  9. spent today finishing the welding then seam seal the joints and move the body out side to paint it and left to simmer in the noon day sun inside the work shop the frame is on the stands and tomorrow will paint it with its top coat dark olive drab and the new tyres turned up
  10. more welding, grinding, welding, grinding over the last two days the body tub is not far off now hope to have it finished tomorrow
  11. Spent Friday and 1/2 of Saturday working on the body drivers side were the axe handle fits along with the hop hat section that fits inside down by the fuel tank and a new step and some of the holes in the dash just going to keep working my way round the body hole filling the other side is in much worse condition
  12. ok after a long hard look at the front floor i would have to cut out more than would be left so the best way to fix it is to put a new floor in that was todays job floor out floor in just need a bit of trimming at bulk head end then weld it up
  13. today job is to start the body work new back panel and filling the 3485 holes that should not be there then its the floors happy days i have found a lot of stress fractures all over the bulk head this is from the top hat section that have turned to rust and the wood turned to dust
  14. so what have i been up to today well as all the parts have come back from blasting i have been cleaning the powder off and priming and some top coating also taking a look at the body need to order some parts i also picked up the rebuilt rad 1 x top hat section fuel tank strap joes motor pool number tn8j31pa 1 x passenger side fish plate joes motor pool number tnsqenhp 1 x top hat section under the back floor jeeparts have them in photos for you
  15. just to let you know i have picked up all the blasted parts and primed them took all day but i left the camera at home so will put them up tomorrow there is a lot of work on the body but nothing that cannot be fixed
  16. some photos of the parts i have cleaned and primed lots of nuts and bolts that's what takes the time then its time to clean the hubs repack the wheel bearings ready to rebuild the axles and both the diffs with new bearings and oil seals i might have to take some time out as if the blasting is finished all the parts will need priming the same day
  17. over the last 2 days i have finished striping the axles taken all the parts to the blaster and i might be picking it up Tuesday/Wednesday and i have cleaning all the nuts bolts and small parts will put up some photos tomorrow
  18. no one in the uk has them you can get some of the pipes best way to go is to make one out of am m38 jeep with a wartime front down pipe i have made a number of them for jeeps i have restored over the years this usmc jeep is a ford and i had to make the deep mud exhaust
  19. tyres from John Gray phone number 01937 580 302 mobile 07968381304 wheels should be in along with exhaust number 01483860403
  20. yes they are you need to order your tyres from john grey from milweb as i have heard he is not in the best of health not covid and you might as well order the wheels from universal jeeps i all so asked him about the deep mud exhaust pipes for your jeep ask him about that i am going to put together an order for jeeparts next week so stand by the phone
  21. a foot note about the grease in the diff it was so thick i filled up the diff with some petrol/derv mix and put the drill on the pinion nut to wiz it over to soften the grease so it would sort of run out when its back from blasting i will remove the pinion and wash it all out and cheque the two pinion bearing and oil seals
  22. After a bit of a brake from jeeps ( putting down some concrete out side workshop ) this weekend i have been stripping down ready for blasting both of the axles i have never seen a diff that was full of grease how it was still working i will never know the pile for cleaning is getting bigger and bigger, only 2 of the wheels that are combat rims and they took over two hours to strip so much rust i had to cut the tube from the rim hope to get it all to Taffy the blaster next week then i can start on the engine and gear boxes
  23. the regulators that can work 6 volts or 12 volts and are solid state inside are great however what i have found and you should know is that jeeps and dodges and more that use the same type of generator there are two types first is a FIELD EARTHED and the other is a ARMATURE EARTHED there is no way of knowing which one you have from the out side you need to strip down the gen and cheque it out
  24. this will be for show only as an alternator has this built inside its called a rectifier pack
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