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Classic car owners to face heavy 30 percent VAT tax rise within just four weeks

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I'm looking at buying a parts Halftrack in Holland at the moment. Does anyone know if I would have to pay Duth VAT and UK VAT after the first of Jan or should it be like buying from the USA in that the purchase price should be ex-VAT and I'd pay UK VAT and import duties? I hope to have it before then but the best laid plans and all.......

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The article is a bit misleading and it states that it probably only relates to classic cars built after 1990 (how strange is that?):

However, Mr Laidlaw has warned some classic models may be exempt from the added tax charges if they are of “historical interest”.

This may be possible if experts believe the model is rare and could be included in a historic motoring collection.

Models which tend to pass the threshold include cars which were built before 1990 and are no longer being built.

Cars of significance or those who have achieved some level of sporting success may also be exempt from the added costs.

In answer to Chris's question, as we will be outside the EU anything purchased from Holland should be zero rated for VAT if you can provide commercial evidence that it will be leaving the EU. However, on bringing it into the UK you will be charged duty and VAT. If you had purchased the parts from a Dutch dealer who was already registered for VAT in the Netherlands you would have been charged VAT anyway, so the only difference will be import duty. 

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That’s what I thought, I think Dutch VAT is 21% so very similar to the UK. I think I also read on the UK current import duties site that a vehicle of this age is usually exempt of duty but I don’t recall it stating ‘when’ you would need to pay duties. 

im assuming that this article may be referring to that exemption.

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I thinks this ranks along side make sure you replace your continental quilt and tires before they stop working. Who knows ? ?????  You have options if your in the know do whats  best. If not make your decisions when the facts are imposed on you

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