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Universal Carriers + Other Vehicles on the SS Thistlegorm


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Regulars will have seen and remember the orthophotos of the cargo decks and their array of vehicles and motorbikes I shared a while back.

At 1mm per pixel the level of detail was within my own boundaries of what was acceptable. But the main site, including the debris field of Hold No. 4, couldn't be processed at such fine detail. Computer hardware limitations restricted it to 10mm per pixel, which for a 5 acre site isn't too bad...but I felt things could improve.

And now they have. Following the arrival of some new and beefy hardware I can process the site at 2mm per pixel.

Online viewer for Thistlegorm Main Site at 2mm per pixel

Hold No.4 is an interesting place to wander around. There are three Universal Carriers in the wreckage plus numerous vehicle parts. On the starboard side there is the remains of a 4 x 2 vehicle of some sort - just the axles and engine revealing its position. The two locomotives are a real treat too - be sure to check out the coal tenders next to Hold No.2 where you can find the driving rods that were removed before transporting.

Hold No.5 is crammed with ammo and more vehicle parts and some trailers.

There is a fourth Universal Carrier pinned under the rudder at the stern. You cannot see it in the orthophoto but it does reveal a chain of events...explosion, debris scatter...sinking.

It's easy sometimes to overlook the events and that Universal Carrier for me is a poignant reminder of what happened that fateful night.

Do enjoy a look around. If you spot anything you recognise do please get in touch - there is still much to find and document.

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