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Trailer, Trackway

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Copy of another photo I obtained several decades ago for your thoughts and discussion.

The caption on photo reverse is: Army trailer, Trackway.

The ERF tractor unit has white edging to the mudguards and a blackout lamp on the NS, so I assume taken during WWII.  Maybe the tractor unit is an impressed vehicle or just a random vehicle, and was used to get the trailer into position to photograph. The trailer looks new and might be extendable type. The trailer could also be a commercial design that has been selected or modified for carrying trackway.

The tractor registration is APR 929, and was operated by Robert Thorne.


I was thinking maybe this would be a trailer used for the trackway laid across beaches, maybe the D day landings. But I am just thinking out loud.




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The registration is Dorset, late war or just post-war. Robert Thorne still exist, and are timber merchants in southern Dorset, having been so engaged since the 1880s. I  would suggest that the photo is probably of a nice new heavyweight pole trailer they bought circa 1945, as part of their business included supply of round timber, and nothing to do with the army.

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Thanks Wally,.

That Canadian trailer does seem a good match to the photo. Maybe the timber company purchased a Canadian pole trailer after the war, or maybe they moved the trailers to photograph during the war. I guess we will never know.

B series

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