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info required leyland/daf 244

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Hi can any body help me I am after dimensions for a Leyland/daf 244 have trawled the internet but apart from overall width length and height I have drawn a blank from all my usual sources. I will be purchasing one later on this year and hoping to get a head start on the piece of kit that I hope to fit

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Rolling radius of tyres eg centre of hub to top of tyre = ? 

wheel base believe = 3940 mm ? 

centre front axle to front bumper overhang believe = 1314 mm ?

centre front axle to rearmost of cab = ?

centre rear axle to back of rear spring hanger = ? 

Chassis height from floor = ? say near middle of truck

Chassis depth chassis width is chassis top flange straight back to front /parallel side to side from cab to rear

one last ask when looking from side is top of rear wheel above/ below top of chassis rail

Really would be a big help if anyone could advise on these thanks in advance Steve

I am hoping to convert to a small/medium recovery /winching vehicle but with a bit of a difference to the run of the mill 

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Hi Steve, some measurements from my Leyland Daf T244.

1, Rolling Radius 560mm (tyres roughly 30% worn)

2, Wheelbase 3950mm

3, Centre of front axle to front bumper 1335mm

4,Centre of front axle to rearmost part of cab 660mm

5, Centre of rear axle to rearmost spring hanger, I couldn't measure this on my own.

6, Ground to bottom of chassis 795mm, note my truck is fitted with a Radio Repair body weighing approx 1.5 tonnes.

7, Chassis depth 257mm, flange width 80mm, overall chassis width 860mm. The chassis is parallel and flat from cab to rear.

8, The top of the rear tyre is level with the top of the chassis rail. (See photo)

Hope that this helps. John 


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Once more a big thank you to John Wardle for taking the time to supply some info. I once asked for info on Daf t244 which he duly supplied. i used this to do drawings to build a recovery vehicle. This truck has has turned out to be a little worker and goes out earning and has indeed nearly paid for its self. Since then i have lost all my drawings (change of computer) but decided due to ill health to build a scale model of the truck. Original info from Mr Wardle has certainly saved me a lot of grief going out in terrible weather to day

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Thanks for your kind words, I am always happy to help, I must say that is a rather impressive truck. I have owned my Leyland Daf T244 for 13 years now and although I don't consider myself an expert I am lucky enough to have the full set of AESPs to help me out with any problems.

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