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Morris C8 Engine


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Hi all , I am having my Morris C8 Engine rebuilt at this time but the people doing the job have met with a lot of problems such as the cylinders are on max bore and one of the con rods has been converted to take shells , It also needs pistons and valves that need locating . I think if there was another engine out there that would be my best bet, Has anyone got an engine which I believe is a Nuffield or can point me in the right direction I would be very grateful for any help , Paul

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1 hour ago, wally dugan said:

If remember rightly IAN L did a bit on his conversion on the forum a while back

Thanks everyone I did look at Ians posting and I was quite impressed but looking at from a lay mans point of view it looks quite complicated unless someone did a complete kit for my diesel defender engine

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All the parts that you require are out there. I have had mine re-lined and bored so pistons and liners are available, the other items, valves, springs, gaskets etc came from either Cox and Turner or John Walker 01159607860. I would try John first, as I know that Cox and Turner source parts from him. Best be sitting down when you price it all up as Its not cheap.



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