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Painting, Spraying or Brushing


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A general discussion at the bar the other night, which is better? Brushing or Spraying. I wondered what forum members preferred.

For myself I use a mixture of both depending on what is being painted


Tankers engine cover here, needs that mirror like finish.  So max effort in the prep, spraying all the way, flatting between coats and so on.


Bits of the spare wheel carrier here, big lumps of iron, roughly welded together, and now quite heavily pock marked by rust to boot. The overall finish will never be anywhere near as smooth and shiny as the engine cover, and wouldn't look right if it was, anyway.  

For me brushing is by far the best option, on this.  You can really scrub the paint into the corners and pock marks, ensuring good covering for rust protection for the future.  The final DBG gloss coat will be sprayed, mainly because I've been using 2 pack and brushing that just makes a mess.  But the next coat of primer will most likely be brushed like the red oxide. 

So do other members have a preference/opinion?

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Use what ever you have and quote the Military Reasons for Painting- 1 To protect the surface 2 Camouflage 3 Apperance. 😀

A long time ago at DERA Aquila , just outside Bromley there was the Defence Packaging and Transport. Outside were wooden stands with dozens of 4 inch by 4 inch metal plates  coated with various paint and preservatives. The guy who ran it used to be in charge of painting the Thames bridges in London. I once asked him what he recommended for a Land Rover Chassis, the answer took about twenty minutes.

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Well this is interesting, as a new guy here, and not yet a owner of anything military.... One of the reasons I find these vehicles attractive is that surely anything goes... I like the fact that because of age and the use these vehicles were designed for, a few dents brush marks and wear n tear just suits them, a nice and very practical change from the show room brand new perfection that is nearly always desired on everyday transport, these vehicles don't need perfect flat panels and paintwork to make them special. They already are! : )


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In the Army there was always black camo painting being carried out on newly delivered vehicles by untrained squaddies like me and one of the first (stupid) questions on the day of painting was "Shall I wash the Landrover before I paint it Sarg?" to which the answer was " What do you flucking think? Do you want to be here all day?"

NB - As Sarg had usually buggered off for a smoke or cuppa we often took the liberty of painting the canvas tilt too, as having the camo stopping at a straight edge looked odd. Interestingly I don't remember any of the tilts rotting or cracking very quickly, so is it a myth  that paint instantly ruins the canvas?  My own Lwt (ex 7th Para RHA) had a camo painted tilt for several years after it was cast until the previous owner drove under a height restriction in a car park and ripped it in half!

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