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Dear All,


A Morris Quad is designed to tow a limber which in turn tows the 25 pounder.  Does the limber have special holders for each round of ammunition or does it just conveniently hold ammo boxes containing rounds?  More important is the same question in respect of the Quad itself.  Does the quad have a winch?  Any pics of ammunition holders in the Quad would be very helpful.

The information is important and I need it in my professional capacity.


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I spoke to my dad about this at the weekend, he was a Morris Quad driver in 20th field regiment RA 1954-56.

He confirmed that there was no built in stowage in the Quad for ammunition, sometimes they would carry extra rounds (boxed) on the floor of the crew compartment if they were doing a big shoot, but this was rare and not too popular with the gun crew.

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I'm at a bit of a loss exactly how, if the limber carried 32 rounds, the back of the Quad managed to fit in three times as many, to be honest.

This photo, showing the rear locker doors open, doesn't seem to show any ammo storage.


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Exactly, Dad said that the lockers were used for his kit and the gun crews, plus tools and the rods for lining up the gun,

There's just no way you could get 96 shells and cartridges in there, you'd struggle to get that amount in the gun crew compartment.


 Great picture, thanks for the link.


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this is from a book compiled by brigadier K Timbers royal artillery institution  on the subject the 25 pounder gun limber and quad and other contributors from the royal artillery and museums the article on the quad was compiled with the help of Richard   and Micheal  Peacock both well known for their restorations of quads and the CDSW artillery tractor also Richard was a major serving in ww2 with the royal artillery with both of these types so l think it fair to say these people should know a thing or two on this subject 


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