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My first CVRT - road registering question


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Hi all,

After passing my Cat H test 5 years ago I've finally got my first CVRT, a diesel Sultan with low engine hours and almost brand new track.

Can anyone help me with the process to get it road registered?

I believe I need to get it inspected so I can provide a date of manufacture to the DVLA, a serive which I'm happy to pay someone to do.

Thank you,

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2 minutes ago, sirhc said:

Hi Richard,

See here: https://www.mvt.org.uk/verification

Do you have a receipt for the vehicle showing it was bought in the UK from the MoD? 

I have registered 4 CVRTs, sometimes they go through with no issues, sometimes you get a jobsworth who insists on making it hard work.

Good luck,


Thanks for the reply and the link!

I'll have a look.

I have a receipt for it from a UK VAT registered company that sold it to me in the UK.

It came from a well known military vehicle reseller, not directly from the MoD.

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Start with telephoning the DLA  ask what they want to register get the  persons name [ this come in handy  later on]

Get the vehicle history and a letter  of near date of manufacture from the  Tank Museum .send pictures of the hull No  ,Data Plate, V55/5   a headed Letter from a club or yourself stating the Tank  Museum is the source of accurate information on this vehicle .  State the army vehicle of this era does not have a VIN No  They still will want more information to make  you play the admin game  but thats the DVLA. They will probably now send a man from a company SGS and verified it

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all vehicles released from MoD will have form 654. Send the original with your V55/5 and your certificate of insurance (make sure your wheelplan  is shown as 'crawler')

sadly some vehicles are now recognised as unsuitable for road registration, and will be rejected, but CVRT  are ok.

And that's it, all you need

without your official 654 you may have problems-the 654 form proves it is officially released, and gives the DIS which DVLA use as date of first registration

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16 minutes ago, Barrym said:

Talking about road registration, how easy is it to register an ex Belgian Scorpion.


A bit more difficult as it’s not as easy to prove when it was built, but once you have a dating letter and verification from a recognised club or organisation then the rest is easy.

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I tried getting  information on my Belgian Spartan from the Brussels Tank Museum they were helpful at first then the pot went off the boil ,I tried the company that assembled CVRT s in Belgium for the Belgian Army ASCO ,a polite reply to say no records ,I   tried the Belgian Army ,to be told all records were destroyed as per NATO rules ,when I told the Sargent about how easy it was to get details on British Army vehicle the phone went silent ,finally the MVT not much help either ,I end ed up selling the Spartan and I bought an ex BA Scorpion  

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I hope you are enjoying your new toy :) and I had problems with all sorts of places including DVLA, MVT and so on.

Bovingdon were really helpful and MVT did come through in the end, but took lots of emails. DVLA went all helpful too in the end  telling exactly what I needed to do to get it through it did all take 5 months and lots swearing. SIRHC from here was able to impart wise words to. Eventually people did start to answer it just took a long time, including BaE Systems who had some records...


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