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  1. So I got her started last weekend and thank you all for the guidance. IMG_7920.MOV IMG_7917.MOV IMG_7919.MOV IMG_7920.MOV IMG_7921.MOV
  2. Is there a way of checking AC1, 2 and 3 so I don’t mix them up or does it matter? thanks Ian
  3. Is there a way of checking AC1, 2 and 3 so I don’t mix them up or does it matter?
  4. Fantastic and thank you. She was running smoothly although I would say it looked like it is pissing oil everywhere but since I did run the engine only for about 10 mins 3 times, it was still getting warm and I suspect a lot of unburnt fuel (from running the fuel pump without starting it) may have contributed to that as the oil in the exhaust was very runny. thanks again. ian
  5. Hi team, im sure this may have been discussed before but can somebody give me some guidance on how to start and run a K60 outside of the vehicle. I have connected up all the umbilicals but I am not sure of AC1, 2 and 3 as. Y labels (masking tape) have worn off. when I turn on the ignition and the solenoid clicks over, there is a whine near to the hour clock but she won’t turn over. do I need to do something with the gearbox, how chan I check the sequence for AC1, 2 and 3? any and all advice is warmly welcomed. cheers, ian.
  6. Are there any out there for sale at the moment?
  7. Hello one and all, I'm looking for an Exhaust Bellows for a FV430 for a K60 engine (connector between K60 exhaust manifold and Exhaust). Are there any out there? Thanks, Ian.
  8. All sorted guys. Got a frame locally.
  9. Thanks Ian..and Andrew. That being the case the bellows is shot so at minimum, I need to replace that, clean up the pack, put her back in and run her up to temp and see if that resolves the issues, anybody got a bellows?
  10. I was told that there are different types of blowers, is that right? also, can you ping me with what your thinking of price wise please?
  11. Hi guys, We got the pack lifted out over the weekend to see where the oil leak was coming from to discover all the oil was being blown out the exhaust and I have been told it is either a rebuild or a new pack. Little p****d off as I have only had her for 2 weeks to find she is dead and no response from the seller! Anybody know of a pack up for sale? cheers, Ian,
  12. Got one now guys. Thank you
  13. thanks, what colours are needed for FV434?
  14. Just north of Chelmsford, essex
  15. Hi Team, i wonder if anybody can point me in the right direction to borrow or buy a FV430 pack lifting frame? I have been advised that Marcus Glen had them but there are none on their site anymore. Any and all assistance will be greafully received. Thanks, Ian.
  16. Can you pm me with how to order and arrange payment and shipping please?
  17. Thanks again Got it wrong. When it was repainted, it was painted with 02fa54 but the ID plate is 02fa46
  18. Got it wrong. When it was resonated it was painted with 02fa54 but the ID plate is 02fa46
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