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1941 Royal Enfield WD/C


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I made the loom up for my WD/C from the wiring diagram using standard black cable. I think you can buy the coloured sleeves which went on the end of the cables as per the original looms. I don't know who supplies them though.

I did originally buy a loom from a supplier, but the wires were all bright colours and didn't look right.

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The wiring for most of the WD bikes is pretty well identical ( Miller and coil ignition accepted) . I don't know why anyone would waste their money on a pre made loom (which is never correct) when the wiring is so simple to do by just following the wiring diagram. Black cable (preferably rubber) and lay each wire and label the ends if you are not ready to fit them. There are only 3-4 wires along the length of the tank tube to the headlamp. I usually start with the regulator. Four wires F.A.D.E. F&D go to their  respective terminals on the dynamo, A to the ammeter and E to Earth. Once you have performed that simple task, you will probably agree that the rest falls into place.

Granted the WD four position switch terminals are a bit of a work up, but that applies whatever loom you use.  Ron 

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I agree with Ron on this. The complete machine is a more accurate jig than any loom maker can use and a careful restorer will be far more certain to avoid strain etc.

WD motorcycle looms always seem to have used rubber-insulated cable, colour-coded only by small 'rubber bands' at each end. Even without them, wiring is a doddle.

The larger rubber tube running from inside the headlamp round the headstock to under the fuel tank is easily replicated by using a length of the smallest cross-section bicycle inner tube that you can find.( Turned inside out if you're a perfectionist 🙂 )

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Assuming you have a standard speedo with a screw thread and not the Jeager pattern and that your mounting point is in the proper place by the side of the headlamp?

If you order one from JJ Cables. Tell them that it's 21 1/2" from the bottom of the speedo thread to the top of the speedo drive thread. You might want to ask them to add the period outer rubber sheath.

Mention my name if you want. 

Ron Pier 

WDC 112.jpg

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On 3/13/2019 at 4:55 PM, Markwise said:

thnx mate! just found the ad you mentioned and ordered them right away

well, looks like i wont be making it to Normandy after all...ordering that part from Ebay got me into a world of annoying sh*t...

I paid for express posting but it took almost 3,5 weeks to arrive and when it did...it arrived broken. The seller just posted it after a couple of weeks, stuffed it loosely into an envelope and thus it got damaged.

He had more, so i asked a mate who lives in the UK, in the same town as mr Green to buy another one and pick it up in person. Green would have none of that and only posted ordered items...well, you can guess by now it still has not arrived....what a crook

So i decided to order a complete refurbished MCR...it will arrive june 8th..so no Normandy for me

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