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CMP c60 tanker use by RAF


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The vehicles I can find listed as tanker/refueling for the RAF UK/Europe are

Albion A.M. 463      4 x 2,           350-gal Petrol Tanker

AEC. 854 & 0854,    6 x 6,           2,500-gal Petrol Tanker (used by RAF & USA-AC)

Bedford QL,             4 x 4,           950 & 1,000-gal Petrol Tanker 

Fordson WOT1,        6 x 4           1,000-gal Petrol Tanker

Plus a number of Tractor towable Trailer Oil/Petrol Tanker units:-

CMP Chevrolet vehicles listed as Tanker on the Chilwell list are in Census number range

L-5590405 – 5590504            Contract SM-2582

L-5809000 – 5809029            Contract SM-6122     

L-5833357 - 5833456             Contract SM-2582

L-6233265 - 6233267             Contract SM-6060

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22 hours ago, LarryH57 said:

Baz, do any of the Chilwell lists exist online? 

Hi Larry I don't know of any Chilwell list existing online and I have only seen copies of the one titled

"Allocation by Central Census Tanks and Vehicles of "B" Vehicles W.D. Numbers  first edition Royal Army Ordnance Corps Central Ordnance Depot, Chilwell Nov 44" 

The copy I owned (lent out not returned denied having) was the same as one loan to me for copying and is on full scape paper not easily copied on my A-4 photocopier. For my own reasons I transferred that copy on to my computer and subsequently rearranged its format digitally so I can be retrieved information using a search function. I believe someone in the Netherland did a reprint but that was long ago. I would say the copy I had was upto 23rd Nov 1944 with looseleaf additions upto the end of the war 

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23 hours ago, LarryH57 said:

Baz, do any of the Chilwell lists exist online? 


1 hour ago, Richard Farrant said:

Rob van Meel (Groucho Publishing) produced the copies. There are no Air Ministry contracts in it only ones for B vehicles for RAOC Chilwell supply purposes.


I would suggest this is now completely off topic a curio of the Chilwell list is this:- 







Lorry 3ton 4x2 Direct to R.A.F


I used to assume vehicles listed on the Chilwell list were purely for the Army and were soft skins, not so 1/2 tracks some A/C's Armoured command post and vehicles used by the Royal Marines often drawn from Army stock so carried Army Census numbers. To get an idea of miriad vehicle types used by the Army and Airforce around D-Day a small training pamphlet Rafting and Bridging of April 44 is quite an eye opener and going back to the beginning of this post No CMP - C60 tanker is listed in either the listing of vehicles for the Army or Airforce for Europe and only the Army list CMP-C60 as GS and Office bodies but would suggest taking any of the above as totally correct only with a pinch of salt

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