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  1. Thanks Bryan. That helps with a airfield diorama I am doing.
  2. thanks for the reply's, But the original question I am trying to answer is What date did they appear on vehicles ? Also, did RAF vehicles in the UK wear them and if so from what date?
  3. Hi, What date did these markings appear on vehicles in WW2? regards peter
  4. Yes, sorry, I meant the 0854 AEC 6x6 tanker. Thanks for the replies. peter
  5. Hi, Are there any pictures (or can anyone confirm) if the tanker was ever painted in SCC2 base with SCC1a (Brown distruptive)? I have seen lots of SCC2 and either Nobels Tarmac 4 or SCC14 Black but no SCC1a that I am aware of. Peter
  6. Hi, Was the CMP C60 tanker used by the RAF in WW2 ? I guess probably in the middle East but was it used in the European theater or on RAF airfields at home? PS pictures would be great , regards Peter
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