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Saladin in next Witham's tender


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Not entirely true, there were loads made, there just aren't many left in the UK. Lots of ex-British vehicles were sold on to other countries, there are quite a few left out in east asia and lots over in private hands in the USA.

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:evil: :evil:



Got to love a rare bit of kit eh Andy :whistle:


Production run of Saladin was far lower than most WW2 vehicles but then again times had changed, If memory serves me well I seem to recall it being around the 1145 mark.


The Saladin in Withams Tender does look as though it is need of a lot doing to it as the Drivers hatch is missing ( hard to find let alone fabricate), All commanders periscopes missing and quite a bit of corrosion on the Mudwings, and thats just from the picture.


Until I get a chance to look at it in detail who knows what the interior ios going to throw up.


Whilst bits can be still obtained for these old girls they are getting scarce and at times non existent so unless you happen to know of a pile of bits just hanging around be prepared to continue to spend to get what you need.



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I happen to know of a pile of bits, if you're looking for anything specific. I know there are NOS wings in the pile.





Hi Chris


Got all new mudwings ready to fit (all 4 corners at least) but could do with the straight panels if you know of them.


I also need a couple of internal bits but will PM you with those.

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Got to love a rare bit of kit eh Andy :whistle:



Agreed John :-D


Dispite the state that mine was in when I bought her (tree growing in the fighting compartment!!) she was well worth the money and the time spent sorting her out.

Pitty she's back in hospital :cry: Got a leeking oil seal on a wheel station and 3 brake cylinders need the oil seals replacing 'again'!!

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