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Ariel WNG Rack measurements


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Hi fellows

I have a 1944 Ariel WNG contract number 294/23 /S.5514 

Can anyone tell me the measurements you can see with letters in this drawing?

Thanks in advance


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Luis, its Geoff same Bigduke6 as on Milsurps, can't help you out on above measurements but can help out on the pannier frames you were after as I'm doing a bit of work on the Matchless this week, its all been boxed up since last year whilst waiting for some land for my new workshop still waiting for the land and as the weather is unbelievable at present I've hauled out some bits and pieces to work on. 

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Hi Geoff! How are you?

Thanks for your reply and help!

weeks ago at Ariel Forum share the mesurements i need! 


About panniers rack , if you can make a drawing,It will be a great help! 

Thanks in advance!




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Thanks for your reply. 

The shipping to Argentina are very expensive, that's why it is difficult to buy large parts in your country.

Sometimes I take the trip of a friend to the USA, who travels frequently, and I make purchases with shipment to Miami.

Best regards

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Hi Boys! Thanks to the measures shared here in the forum, I started building the rear carrier. My rear fender has missing parts, such as the hinge, which I will have to rebuild. I'm newby to iron folding and welding, so I have mistakes to correct even ...









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Ron Alex, thank you for your comments!

I always had the doubt if the originals were rod or tube ...
So should it be done with tubes? The ends with holes seem made by forging...... 

My WNG should carry more weight and I should drink less beer



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