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chain drive


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Can anyone identify this drive unit?  Stamped on the crown wheels is 8 and 91 the numbers being upside down to each other. There are 91 teeth to the crown wheel, and it is      13 inches in diameter. There has been an alloy casing about the diff as evident from the few bits remaining on a bolted flange.. The mounts for the chassis attachment makes it a 3 foot wide chassis. The two supporting tension bars across the housing should be a feature for identity. Chain sprockets have 17 teeth with 1  1/4 inch pitch. Centre to centre of the sprockets is 47 1/2 inches. The front axle also in the photo has nothing to do with the chain drive unit.

 The start of another project !

 Doug W







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I too have considered the option of it being a modified axle from one with  wheels, however a couple of points would shun this change. On either end are threaded sections for adjusting the spacing of the rear axle and chain tension. The blocks that allow the unit to be attached to the chassis are narrow and show no flat areas as per a spring base or holes where the spring mounting bolts would occur. 5adedce511579_chaindrive4alteml2096.thumb.jpg.6f613e048283c99cb4092a04a1431c59.jpg

 Doug W

chain drive 3 alt eml 2097.jpg

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